gMS Luminous is here!

Published December 5, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

So here’s what character creation has for us.
You can chose between two hair styles and two face styles, as well as choose any color hair you want;

Twinkle Hair
Delicate Hair

Strong Odd Eye
Calm Odd Eye

The eyes are fixed to Red and Cyan. No worries, you can use the cash shop to buy permanent cosmetic lenses and it will change the Cyan eye. The red one is fixed and will not change.

You can skip the tutorial, but don’t do it! It’s really interesting haha.
ALSO! Luminous has a voice, bahaha.

Quick Skill Guide;
First Job:
Max it all.

Second Job:
Max all but Blinding Pillar[5]– Keep attack skills equal.

Third Job:
Max all but Moonlight Spear[1]– Keep attack skills equal.

Fourth Job:
Start with… +1 Reflection, +1 Apocalypse and +1 Ender.
From there it’s up to you.


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