TO DATABASE SITES: If you are/are not on this list and want to be listed/removed, just leave a comment below or give me a shout on twitter/facebook <3.


MapleStory – Database

Ragnarok Online I – Database

Ragnarok Online II – Database



One of the more helpful MapleStory databases out there. I absolutely love it, soo super helpful and pretty much as up to date as you will find.

Very awesome Wiki, it is updated frequently with translations for most of the kMS content.

This site doubles as a huge community on top of it’s database. More notoriously known for it’s Extraction section, it’s how all the eager Maplers see what content is being added and to which MapleStory.

Ahh… Basil Marktet! Besides the obvious reputation! It has a decent database and an awesome auction/trade area. Doubles as a community as well.

Ragnarok Online I.

This is an Official Fansite Wiki for RO1. It is super up to date and is very thorough, it has both versions of the game databases and in depth Quest/Dungeon/Boss guides. Also has locations of Item/Monster/Map/NPC!

iRO Wiki’s & Amesani’s Renewal Database~

Item/Monster/Map/NPC Database for the current Ragnarok Online server(s).

iRO Wiki’s & Amesani’s Classic Database~

Item/Monster/Map/NPC Database for a current Ragnarok Online server. I believe only one server uses this database. It’s the DB of the old school type of iRO from before the revamp.

This place has the most amazing Ragnarok Online database ever, I use it before the others!! Item/Monster/Map/NPC, you name it~ It only get’s bottom of the list because it promotes RO1 private servers for the game and I’m not a big fan of that /:

Ragnarok Online II.

This database is about the only database I can find for RO2, it’s very clean and full of Item/Monster/Map/Quest info!!

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