Hair Styles

Character Creation

All Stars (Female)

REG (Female)

Royal (Female)

VIP (Female)

All Stars (Male)

REG (Male)

Royal (Male)

VIP (Male)

Amoria: Beauty or Beast!

5 comments on “Hair Styles

  • Thank you so much for posting all of these! Do you know of any sites that have an up-to-date EXP hair list for female characters? I was trying out some styles on BannedStory and really liked one called ‘Voluminous Wave’, but I don’t know if it’s even available and can’t seem to find any lists that weren’t created years ago.

    • That hairstyle would be a Character Creation specific Hairstyle! It is Phantom’s to be exact, and the only way to get it aside from creating a Phantom… Is when gMS releases it as a Royal Hairstyle.

      //edit; The only website I know of that even has a list would be BasilMarket, but even then it is outdated.
      I am currently in the process of finishing the EXP Hairstyle sections though! I hope to get that finished asap <3

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