Character Creation

These are the hairstyles and faces you can get with these classes via character creation. You can only get them on other characters during event times, such as with some Royal Hair events.
Last Updated: 8/9/14 w/ Shade update


[cc1] DUAL BLADE: | [cc2] JETT: | [cc3] MIHILE: | [cc4] MERCEDES:

[cc5] PHANTOM: | [cc6] LUMINOUS: | [cc7] DEMON SLAYER: | [cc8] DEMON AVENGER:

[cc9] XENON: | [cc10] KAISER: | [cc11] ANGELIC BUSTER: | [cc12] KANNA:

[cc13] HAYATO: | [cc14] CYGNUS KNIGHT: | [cc15] ZERO: | [cc16] EXPLORER:

[cc17] BEAST TAMER: | [cc18] SHADE: | [cc19] N/A: | [cc20] N/A:


MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, DUAL BLADE, lady syl, gale hair, blade-sharpened, blade-sharpened locks, captivating dual blade face, charismatic dual blade face
For Ctrl+F… Lady Syl, Gale Hair, Blade-Sharpened Hair, Captivating Face, Charismatic Face.

JETT [cc2]
MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, JETT, jett hair
For Ctrl+F… Jett Hair.

MIHILE [cc3]
MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, MIHILE, mihile hair, mihile face
For Ctrl+F… Mihile Hair, Mihile Face.

MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, MERCEDES, blonde highlights, cool elf face, gentle elf face
For Ctrl+F… Blonde Highlights, Cool Elf Face, Gentle Elf Face.

MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, PHANTOM, i-like-it-short hair, luxurious 'do, voluminous wave, wavy ponytail, i like it short hair, posh look, epicene face
For Ctrl+F… I-Like-It-Short, Luxurious Do’, Voluminous Wave, Wavy Ponytail, Posh Look, Epicene Face.
Thank you to Cyan, who pointed out that the previous Luxurious Do’ was in fact incorrect. Fixed now!

MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, LUMINOUS, twinkle hair, delicate hair, strong odd eye, calm odd eye
For Ctrl+F… Twinkle Hair, Delicate Hair, Strong Odd Eye, Calm Odd Eye.

MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, DEMON SLAYER, demon hair, dark charisma
For Ctrl+F… Demon Hair, Dark Charisma.

MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, DEMON AVENGER, nostalgic hair, nostalgia, solitude hair, solitaire, worried face, lonesome face
For Ctrl+F… Nostalgia Hair, Solitaire Hair, Worried Face, Lonesome Face.

XENON [cc9]
MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, XENON, Memorial Hair, Cybernetic Hair, Naive Face, Composed Face, Neo Orchid Hair, Neo Lotus Hair, Orchid Face, Lotus Face
For Ctrl+F… Memorial Hair, Cybernetic Hair, Naive Face, Composed Face, Neo Orchid Hair, Neo Lotus Hair, Orchid Face, Lotus Face.

KAISER [cc10]
MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, KAISER, pure bouncy hair, boy warrior hair, kaiser face, neat boyish hair, imposing warrior hair
For Ctrl+F… Pure Bouncy Hair, Boy Warrior Hair, Neat Boyish Hair, Imposing Warrior Hair, Kaiser Face.

MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, ANGELIC BUSTER, buster face, intelligent nova face, nova bob cut, nova long curly hair, adorable nova face, buster hair, angelic buster hair
For Ctrl+F… Nova Bob Cut, Nova Long Curly Hair, Intelligent Nova Face, Adorable Nova Face, Buster Hair, Buster Face.

KANNA [cc12]
MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, KANNA, kanna face, onmyouji, cute kanna bob, kanna hair, sengoku slick do, sengoku slick 'do, charisma hair
For Ctrl+F… Kanna Hair, Sengoku Slick ‘Do, Cute Kanna Bob, Charisma Hair, Kanna Face, Onmyouji.

HAYATO [cc13]
MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, HAYATO, hayato face, kenji, hayato hair, dashing kenji hair, charming kenji hair, kenji hair
For Ctrl+F… Hayato Hair, Hayato Face, Charming Kenji, Dashing Kenji, Kenji Face.

MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, CYGNUS KNIGHT, noblesse hair, noblesse face
For Ctrl+F… Noblesse Hair, Noblesse Face.

ZERO [cc15]
MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, ZERO, CHILD OF GOD, smooth ponytail, calm eye, calm eyed face, rough shaggy hair, ambitious face
For Ctrl+F… Smooth Ponytail, Calm Eye, Rough Shaggy Hair, Ambitious Face.

MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, EXPLORER, ellinia hair, gentle explorer face, perion hair, brave explorer face, henesys hair, extraordinary explorer face, kerning city hair, energetic explorer face, nautilus hair, gentle explorer face.
For Ctrl+F… Ellinia Hair, Gentle Explorer Face, Perion Hair, Brave Explorer Face, Henesys Hair, Extraordinary Explorer face, Kerning City Hair, Energetic Explorer Face, Nautilus Hair.

MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, BEAST TAMER, lovely kitty hair, innocent face, country perm hair, cute medium hair, bad attitude face, cute apple hair.
For Ctrl+F… Lovely Kitty Hair, Country perm hair, Innocent Face, Cute Medium Hair, Cute Apple Hair, Bad Attitude Face.

SHADE [cc18]
MapleStory :: CHARACTER CREATION, SHADE, EUNWOL, first quarter hair, calm face, last quarter hair, sunken face.
For Ctrl+F… First Quarter Hair, Calm Face, Last Quarter Hair, Sunken Face.

18 comments on “Character Creation

    • For MapleStory? I have many, many years ago and it was very short lived.
      For Ragnarok Online, I am off and on about them.

      It truly comes down to the server stability and how cash hungry the admins/developers of any private servers are.
      If they care to have a private server up and aren’t looking to make income aside from hosting fees off of the game, I’ll enjoy it better. However if they are gonna be money hungry, I’d rather play Official y’know?

  • I feel rude saying this but I wanted you to know that the Phantom hair you used is actually incorrect. The one that you used was named chevalier hair and I’m not sure where it’s actually obtainable from, but it is indeed different. It’s a bit bushier with different toned shading. The actual luxurious do in game that you obtain from selecting default hair is a lot finer. Here’s an example:
    Compare it to how it looks in game:
    People often confuse the two, which is why I put it.

    • Thank you so much for the clarification!!
      When I first made this page, Phantom had only just been released. So I must have accidentally used Chevalier Hair instead of the true Luxurious Do’!

      To the naked eye they look identical, but when you zoom right in… Luxurious Do’ stands a single pixel higher on the head and does not cover the ears like Chevalier Hair. Thank you thank you. It was not rude at all to point that out, and if in the future you find that again– Please don’t hesitate to tell me!
      Only rude one here is me, taking forever to reply back.
      Phantom Cosmetic image has been updated!

    • Good question~
      In the beginning when I was coming up with the concept designs for a lot of these pages… Really difficult!!
      Now however, it’s more about filling in and resizing any of the base area’s that don’t change too much.

      I like to give areas with vague details, all the details that I can. It irks me to see virtually no information on something so basic. (Character Cosmetics aka The Foundation for every Mapler, ever.)

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