Character Link Skill Guide

I’m on a roll, dun stahp me naw!
All characters below come with their link skill(s) at character creation, but it cannot be linked till the respective character has achieved level 70 and beyond.
Once that happens you can change what other character can attain the link skill every 24 hours. (Or after midnight PST.)

NOTE: As of v.141 Cygnus Awakening, you can have a maximum of TWELVE(12) Link Skills per character.


CANNONEER: [clsg1] | JETT: [clsg2] | MIHILE: [clsg3]

MERCEDES: [clsg4] | PHANTOM: [clsg5] | LUMINOUS: [clsg6]

DEMON SLAYER: [clsg7] | DEMON AVENGER: [clsg8] | XENON: [clsg9]

KAISER: [clsg10] | ANGELIC BUSTER [clsg11] | KANNA [clsg12]

HAYATO: [clsg13] | CYGNUS KNIGHT [clsg14] | ZERO [clsg15]

BEAST TAMER: [clsg16] | SHADE [clsg17] | N/A [clsg18]


CANNONEER: [clsg1]

Pirate Blessing:
Learn the Canoneer’s unique strengths to permanently increase various stats.
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
Permanently increases STR by 15, DEX by 15, INT by 15, LUK by 15, Max HP by 5%, and Max MP by 5%.
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
Permanently increases STR by 25, DEX by 25, INT by 25, LUK by 25, Max HP by 10%, and Max MP by 10%.
[Level 3]Level gained: 210
Permanently increases STR by 35, DEX by 35, INT by 35, LUK by 35, Max HP by 15%, and Max MP by 15%.

JETT: [clsg2]

Core Aura:
Surrounds the true owner of the Core with a powerful aura that enhanced abilities.
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
Random increase of the following; STR, DEX, INT, LUK, Weapon ATT, Magic ATT.

MIHILE: [clsg3]

Guardian of Light:
Temporarily allows you to avoid being knock-backed by monsters when they bump or attack you for 90 seconds.
(Cooldown: 180 sec)
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
[Power Stance] 100% Knockback Resist for 90 seconds.
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
[Power Stance] 100% Knockback Resist for 110 seconds.
[Level 3]Level gained: 210
[Power Stance] 100% Knockback Resist for 130 seconds.

MERCEDES: [clsg4]

Elven Blessing:
Allows you to return to Elluel, in addition to permanently receiving extra EXP through the blessings of the ancient Elves.
Returns you to Elluel (Cooldown: 1800 sec)
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
Additional Effect: Permanently revive 10% additional EXP
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
Additional Effect: Permanently revive 15% additional EXP
[Level 3]Level gained: 210
Additional Effect: Permanently revive 20% additional EXP

PHANTOM: [clsg5]

Phantom Instinct:
Uses phenomenal insight to locate an enemy’s critical weakness.
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
Critical Rate Increase: 10%
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
Critical Rate Increase: 15%
[Level 3]Level gained: 210
Critical Rate Increase: 20%

LUMINOUS: [clsg6]

Light Wash:
The power of light breaks down enemy DEF, allowing your attacks to penetrate.
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
10% of enemy DEF ignored
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
15% of enemy DEF ignored
[Level 3]Level gained: 210
20% of enemy DEF ignored


Fury Unleashed:
When facing Boss Monsters, unleashes the full might of your Fury to do additional damage and absorb Fury.
Additional Fury Absorption: 10
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
When attacking Boss Monster Damage: 10%
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
When attacking Boss Monster Damage: 15%
[Level 3]Level gained: 210
When attacking Boss Monster Damage: 20%


Wild Rage:
Your rage increases your damage output.
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
Damage +5%
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
Damage +10%
[Level 3]Level gained: 210
Damage +15%

XENON: [clsg9]

Hybrid Logic:
Activates your Hybrid Logic routines to permanently increase all stats.
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
All Stats: +5%
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
All Stats: +10%
[Level 3]Level gained: 210
All Stats: +15%

KAISER: [clsg10]

Iron Will:
Kaiser obtains more HP through will of steel.
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
Max HP Increase: 10%
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
Max HP Increase: 15%
[Level 3]Level gained: 210
Max HP Increase: 20%


Terms and Conditions:
Use your mastery of contract law to make Eskalade boost attack Power for a short time.
(Cooldown: 90 sec)
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
+60% skill damage for 10 sec when active
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
+90% skill damage for 10 sec when active
[Level 3]Level gained: 210
+120% skill damage for 10 sec when active

KANNA: [clsg12]

Deepens your connection to the elements to provide a permanent damage increase.
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
Permanent Damage Increase: 5%
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
Permanent Damage Increase: 10%

HAYATO: [clsg13]

Keen Edge:
Hayato’s Blade can cut through anything!
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
All Stats: +10, Attack Power Increase: 5


Cygnus Blessing:
The blessing of the awakened empress empowers the body to escape from danger.
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
All abnormal status and elemental resistance + 2%
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
All abnormal status and elemental resistance + 5%

NOTE: If other Cygnus job classes exist on one account, then they can be stacked up to 5 times for each character to grant a link skill. Effects are reduced when used as a link skill.
NOTE 2: I think the link skill(s) can be stacked up to five(5) because of the five(5) different Cygnus job classes. IE: One(1) of each Cygnus job class will stack, but not multiples of the same class.

ZERO: [clsg15]

Rhinne’s Blessing:
Receive the Goddess, Rhinne’s blessings, reducing the damage taken from enemies while ignoring a portion of their defense. Strengthen this skill by collecting the Goddess’s Tears.
[Level 1]Level gained: N/A
Damage Reduced: 3%, Defense Ignored: +2%
[Level 2]Level gained: N/A
Damage Reduced: 6%, Defense Ignored: +4%
[Level 3]Level gained: N/A
Damage Reduced: 9%, Defense Ignored: +6%
[Level 4]Level gained: N/A
Damage Reduced: 12%, Defense Ignored: +8%
[Level 5]Level gained: N/A
Damage Reduced: 15%, Defense Ignored: +10%

BEAST TAMER: [clsg16]

Focus Spirit:
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
Increase Boss Damage: +4%, Critical Rate: +4%, Max HP/MP: +3%.
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
Increase Boss Damage: +7%, Critical Rate: +7%, Max HP/MP: +4%.
[Level 3]Level gained: 210
Increase Boss Damage: +10%, Critical Rate: +10%, Max HP/MP: +5%.

SHADE: [clsg17]

Close Call:
Grants you a chance to survive an attack that would’ve been fatal.
[Level 1]Level gained: 70
Fatal Attack Survival Chance: 5%.
[Level 2]Level gained: 120
Fatal Attack Survival Chance: 10%.

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  • Hello there,
    nice site you have here.
    So i would like to summarize that level 2 link skills are unlocked for characters whenever they reached lv100?
    And we are able to link those skills to other character at lv70? (that means lv 70 I can link level1 link skill to other char while at lv100 i can link level2 link skill to other char)?

    Thanks and sorry for the troubles =X

    • Level 2 is unlocked when character’s reach Level 120, or will be at least. I haven’t had mine upgrade for awhile!
      The link skill goes to one character at a time for Level 1 or Level 2. I do believe once the link skill is upgraded to Level 2, whoever it was linked to at the time gets the Level 2 version of the Link Skill automatically.

      Also, no worries <3

  • hihi~~

    for example, i have ab level 70..i can link her skill which is

    [Level 1] – Level gained: 70
    +60% skill damage for 10 sec when active

    to my another char (let say mercedes lv10)?
    once linked, can change to diff char in future?

    any suggestion which job to train..faster lvling and no pots burning..
    for link char purpose xDD


    • Sorry I am sooo late in my reply, been super busy this week!!
      You can change the character it is linked to after a day. It’s not all bad, especially if you plan to train/use one character for more than one day.

      I always suggest training on a character you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy the character you are playing, what is the point of playing this game? Haha <3
      Good luck!

  • Hello,

    My secondary character (my main one is mercedes over level 70 but under 120 and just that one character on the world) has to be what level for me to use my elven blessing on Mercedes?

      • So if I just made a level 1 character, my mercedes skill wouldn’t activate on my mercedes for herself? Only when I level the secondary character to 30 will I be able to use Elven Blessing on Mercedes for the exp boost?

      • OH, you meant on the character the Link Skill comes from!!
        I just made a shade too, and I only remember noticing Close Call past level 30. I couldn’t say for sure if at level 1 it was active. I’ll log on a new character to double check for you!

    • Oh I just found out too, it seems level 10 is the general availability of Link Skills to the character they belong to. Checked with Shade and Mercedes. (Skipped the tutorial, had to become a Shade to get the skill etcetc.)

  • Hi, my nightwalker is lv120 but it says that I don’t have any Link skills. Why is that so?
    by the way, before I tried to link the cygnus skill, I linked my mercedes skill. Does this affect it in any way? :O

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