Amoria: Beauty or Beast!

** DISCLAIMER: The risk of getting a crap Hair Style is higher than not. **

Yes, the Amoria quest that has been available to Maplers near and far for many– Many years now. Cigrae from the gMS Forums insisted I have this page!

The quest itself is simple.
[info coming soon]

Female: Black Connie*, Red Bridget*, Red Sammy, Black Carla, Brown Stella*, Black Angelica, Black Polly*.
* = Personally attained by me in the past.
[images coming soon]

Male: Orange Antagonist, Orange Explosion, Black with Bald Spot, Orange Bowl Cut, Orange Trip Scratch, Black Rebel, Orange Fireball, Black Toben, Black Monkey.
[images coming soon]

The Hair Style pool would from a distance, appear to be random.
Though there is a heavy enough suspicion surrounding that assumption that says the hair styles you can get follow a timed schedule. A schedule much too broad for me to verify, creating 48 characters, one per hour. Assuming that the day of the week doesn’t factor to the hair style decision.


5 comments on “Amoria: Beauty or Beast!

  • Here is what I’ve got before:
    Black Connie, Red Bridget*, Red Sammy, Black Carla*, Brown Stella*, Black Angelica, Black Polly*.
    *= What I’ve got.
    Once I did it on one of my important characters in Maplestory 1.. I got Brown Stella and forever I put the lion head so that no-one could see my hairstyle. >.<

      • i need lots of help im a guy and i couldnt choose for some reason if my merc was a girl or boy and it choose girl and i want to know the best guyish haircut for a girl i already have the short boyish haircut but its really stupid please help

      • Firstly, if it’s under level 70 or even 100. You can always remake the character. However if that isn’t an option you want to take, I’ve given your question decent thought [:
        If I take the Elven ears into consideration here are some Female hairs that to me, can be seen like Male hair. IE: These are a little more gender neutral and are the ones that look nicer up against the Elf ears.
        Keep in mind that some hairs look great in all colors, and others only in a few.
        The more “boyish” female hair(s);
        Caspia – VIP(Amoria)
        Boyish – VIP(Ariant)
        Rae – VIP(Ariant)

        The more girly of the “boyish female hair(s);
        Gardener – VIP(Kerning City)
        Naomi – VIP(Kerning City)
        Princessa – VIP(Orbis)
        The Honeybun – VIP(Orbis)
        Shaggy Hair – VIP(Showa)

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