RO Bio

iRO1 Chaos :: IGN’s
l33tsk33tz [<3] :: Archer – 4x/xx
Mitsune [<3] :: Merchant – 30/xx
Bewbs :: Acolyte – 12/xx
Paramore [<3] :: Assassin – 50/xx
Disney [<3] :: Ninja – 18/xx

iRO2 Odin :: IGN’s
Paramore :: Thief – 10
Mitsune :: Acolyte – 1
l33tsk33tz :: Archer – 1

I’ve been playing RO since 2001/2002, iRO and Private Servers. I am and have been a part of various communities for the game. (Private server and not.)

Currently a part of the Ragnarok Online II North America Open Beta. Since 4/18/13, like a lot of you!


Private Server’s I have played on…
Well the most notorious for me to have played XileRO.
Moved through DuskRO, VeritasRO, CakeRO, LustRO, ExileRO, OdysseyRO, NoobFuryRO(Was second to Xile for me), a bunch of other’s. (All closed btw, lol.)
Newest one was EsunaRO, also closed. I used to staff there and it was a great server, fun and more moderated than iRO. Gravity should take example from private servers, lmao. The only reason, and I kid you not, the ONLY reason! That I played private RO servers is simply because I cannot stand the immense amount of botting that is currently just as strong now as it’s ever been on iRO. The moment that gets fixed? The more people will play it again, but I guess that isn’t an issue for Gavity now that…. Ragnarok Online II is here <3

More IGN’s!
Mitsune | Mitsuu | Bewbs | Meeko | l33tsk33tz | Meeksu
KitsuneMitsuneZina | MitsuneBewbs | HolyJeezusHeals | Mitsuru | Takeba
Paramore | Korra | Faerie | Starry | Konno

I mean the list goes on, lol! If I could narrow it down, I would but unfortunately~ I have been playing the game for way to long to give exact info. That and I don’t play iRO right now, I’ve been on a hiatus for a while. Too much going on to focus on multiple games.


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