gMS Bio

GamerBewbs :: Phantom – 141
TearyBewbs :: Zero – 180
RaavaBewbs :: Shade – x


☑ Getting my first Cygnus Knight (StarryBewbs my Night Walker) to 120.
☑ Getting my Phantom (GamerBewbs) advanced to fourth job.
☑ Getting my Zero (TearyBewbs) to the end of Chapter 8.
☐ Getting one of my Explorer classes advanced to fourth job.
☐ Getting a character to 250. (BAHAHAHALOLPLS.)
☑ My sister getting her first 200. YukixKeiko :: Phantom
☐ Get Army of One medal.
☐ Have only two mules, LOL.


Here’s the low down on me as a player via MapleStory.

So I have been playing MapleStory since around February 2007. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the game, let alone start purchasing NX. I think I’ve spent a total of about $300+ since I started playing. If I do say so myself, that is pretty low compared to people now and how much NX you need to have all the amazing/legendary/holywtfgetalife gears.

My first character ever was, my I/L Wizard @ Level 31. When pirates came out, the highest character I would ever have on Bellocan would be CaptainBewbs, my Brawler @ Level 40. I stopped playing for long periods of time because of life/work. But I had three slots, and at some point I deleted my I/L Wizard and remaking her because I wanted a perfect roll of lowest stats. (Remember when having 4 and 4 of the stats that didn’t apply to you was the only way to have a great character? Yea…) I had managed to test every class available on gMS, I loved Bellocan! But my sister didn’t, and I had ONE friend on Bello but I loved it anyways. That friend was a great guy, if I could remember his IGN I would shout out lol. I remember his actual name though, Jesse and his smoking hot GF 8D. She was definitely a fun topic haha, so many stories!

Anyways when Cygnus Knights came out in 2009 I quit Bellocan to join Mardia where my sister was at and created a Night Walker, StarryBewbs. (Catching the excess of ‘Bewbs’ yet? No? Maybe that’s because I haven’t quite mentioned 99% of my characters end in ‘Bewbs’)
Up until Mercedes came out, that NW was my main. Even when I created character after character and worked my Mardia account up to 15 character slots, maybe paying for one slot? Haha.
Pre-BB my NW was @ Level 5x. I loved her enough to work her up and grind like no other. MY SISTER on the other hand ~.~ Had very few characters but all surpassed me in levels by a lot. Pre-BB she had 90+ which was a lot if you think about it.

Once Big Bang happened my MapleStory World got sweetened in every which way possible!! Then again, so have most of the updates~ I’m easy to please, especially when the MapleStory Pre-BB was a real downer x:
I could not, for the life of me get real life friends to play the game. They hated it, too hard this, too confusing that, too kiddy this.
I could play it but I’ve been playing games since I was learning to read and MMO’s since I hit puberty! I was playing it alone for the longest time and not having many friends on Maple was even more of a downer, luckily for Nexon I am a solo kinda player [8

Anyways, what I’m getting at is MapleStory has evolved and I do cherish and enjoy any and all time I get with the game.

11 comments on “gMS Bio

  • This is indeed a good alternative for GMS news,
    since you do keep the blog closely up to date.
    To avoid loading the laggy and sometimes incomprehensible words on the main site,
    I come here with a nice cup of tea.

  • :o Here’s my story. I started maplestory in this resent year 2013 when xenon came out, I was so excited to start that my main is my xenon now he’s now about level 124-123, then after a few months the limited time jobs came out like luminous and etc, still can think of any good names x3 anyway that’s about it XD

  • I have to hand it to you, you are the only fully accurate site that I have seen regarding hairstyles and locations. That might seem like a small part of the entirety your site entails, but it matters to me. A lot of other sites I saw before, including southperry had false information, listing exp hairstyles and vip options for example.

    anyway, cudos on a great website. =)

    • Ooo, thank you soso much! I do try my hardest to be as accurate as possible in those aspects. At first those area(s) of the blog weren’t in the idea I had for this place. However over time, I found that I enjoyed providing the info that comes in the page(s) over the posts… Considering much of what is found in the posts are what is released by the Official MapleStory website– It’s what is in the pages here, that aren’t so notably available on the official webbie.
      I’m excited that there are enough people that find the information provided on this blog even a tiny bit helpful. It truly does mean a lot [:
      So thank you.

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