About me

Hum, well.

My name is Zurina!!
(But Mitsune/Meeksu are plenty fine with me as well)

Find me at the following places!
Nexon Forums :: Mitsune
Twitter :: GamerBewbs
Facebook :: GamerBewbsBlog

I am just a simple married woman who grew up with an older brother who loved to play video games. It was his need of a party member and sibling company that set me to becoming a gamer.
I have tossed the idea of being a blogger around for awhile, but the problem for me was always… Can I be one of the best with content no one has read before? That answer is No, I can’t always get the info before anyone else. But what I want to do is kind of be heard, I have years of insight that can help other players of the MMO’s I will talk about out. I take pride in gaming and knowing what I am talking about, if I am iffy on a subject I don’t touch it. If my opinion is too obscure, no one but me knows about it. I don’t censor but when it concerns a certain outlook of something like my blog, I will keep it chill 8D

I have shared so many things on my facebook wall right? About gaming stuff and I realized the other day that… I’m sharing with all these people that have no idea wtf I’m talking about o-o

Which is frustrating as hell, lmao!! I just want to inform people is all, I’ve always enjoyed helping people. So.. follow me!



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