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“Maple.FM is a community and tool that allows players to search through MapleStory’s Free Market as well as a complete database of information about the game.” -Maple.FM

As it’s name would insinuate, it is based around the MapleStory Free Market.
Thus Maple.FM, a simple and easy to remember hyperlink. For the time being it works like a live shop feed of all the vendors in-game and the side bonus of a forum. (Time being?)

The main portion of this site(The FM) works similarly to an Owl of Minerva, which you can purchase via Cash Shop in-game. The only differences are that it’s free, has unlimited use, and you can browse out of game. You do have to find the vends on your own, and there is a delay on the items listed. However that is expected, this service is free but very well worth it!

It’s a wonderful website, and I truly wish MapleStory would have had this years ago when the game was much livelier.

3 comments on “Maple.FM

  • I for one have always liked the idea of browsing the FM on my iPad when I can’t be on my PC for whatever reason. That is now reality for me, some could argue that other sites have been available and have been doing this already… I would have to disagree on the point that none have been so straightforward and simple to use.

    I do a lot of character simulation, and creating new looks for my various characters is a fun pass-time. It used to be I would make them on the iPad/mobile, and price check manually in-game when I got home or was finally able to get on the PC.
    That is no longer the case, I can do all of this and more from my iPad/mobile– That my friends, is complete ease of use. Freedom to Maple further!!

    I said it before, but I’ll say it again. I needed this live FM browsing service back when I was heavy merching with Tempest. Manual price-checking is the worst, spot loss, OP/UP items, it just sucked for me. I think I’ll try my hand at merching again now, with this handy webbie of course <3

  • Hi, I recently developed an Android App for this site, improve the usability for mobile Android devices, the name is “Maple Free Market(GMS)”

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