gMS Royal Hair and Face – Endish of June 2013

Published June 20, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

Better late than never on Nexon’s part I suppose! I wasn’t late, shiiettt. Been waiting all month for this LOL!
Also, I am seriously digging the new female Updo Hair. Same for the male Artiste Hair, really cute indeed~






Royal Hair is part of the Cash Shop Events that Nexon will bring around from time to time. You can purchase the Royal Hair Coupon from the Cash Shop when it is available. KEEP IN MIND, that each time it comes around that the hair’s change. Sometimes we get one’s we’ve had before with new ones, others we just get a batch of one’s we’ve all seen before.

Take these to NPC Big Headward and/or NPC Nurse Pretty in Henesys Hair Salon to redeem for a new look fit for a king or queen!

Cash Shop Event - Royal Hair Coupons

Cash Shop Event - Royal Face Coupons

You can preview all the Royal Hair and Face’s in the Cash Shop. If in the case that you do not want to do that? (I can’t understand why you wouldn’t x:)

Cash Shop Event - Preview Royal Hair/Face

Cash Shop Event - Preview Royal Hair/Face


Sun Hair, Artiste Hair, Flame Hair, Prince Cut Hair, Street-Smart Hair, Loose Waves Hair, Ice Pop Hair, Dragon Layered Hair, Fop Wave Hair, royal coupon, royal hair, royal hair coupon, male royal hair, male royal hair coupon


Side Ponytail, Updo Hair, Lively Waved, Glamor Hair, Cygnus Hair, Crop Style, Siren Hair, Romantic Perm, Crystal Hair, royal coupon, royal hair, royal hair coupon, female royal hair, female royal hair coupon


Intelligent Eyes, MC Face, Teary-Eyed Look, Glamor Look, Sheryl Face, Round-Eyed Face, Posh Look, Compassionate Face, royal coupon, royal face, royal face coupon, male royal face, male royal face coupon


Insolent Face, Intelligent Eyes, Wounded Face, Sulky Face, Cygnus Face, Dark Charisma, Bright Eyes, Pure Gaze, royal coupon, royal face, royal face coupon, female royal face, female royal face coupon


16 comments on “gMS Royal Hair and Face – Endish of June 2013

  • That is the Designer Hair, it is for Females and sadly is currently unavailable. I haven’t ever seen it myself since I started blogging. I have seen it on some eMS news awhile back. Something about a Cash Shop exclusive? I really can’t be too sure to be quite honest. Just haven’t seen it in gMS personally.

  • Please tell me when will the nest royal hair come again after july, I missed the event after being away from maple & now I feel so bad with all the royal hair gone.

    • I’ll be sure to make a new post when they are updated and reply back here!

      Though, as of yesterday the coupons were still available for purchase. Did that change? I haven’t gotten on Maple today and can’t check atm. This post information should still be relevant so long as the coupons are still there.

    • Ooo, that’s what I wanna hear <3
      Those are Marble Eyes, a Royal unisex face. Both Male and Female characters can get it when it is available.
      It’s been awhile since we’ve had them so we could get them back soon. Maybe September but more than likely October since it seems very costume like. Don’t hold that to me though! Just a general guess of mine [8

  • do you know when the next update will be? i want the kitty or dip dye hairstyle but it’s not in this update so i dont know if i should just wait or not. how often do they change the royal styles?

    • Well usually Royal Hair is updated with the first Cash Shop Special of the new month.
      The two hair’s you are curious about where last seen;
      Kitty Hair – May 2013
      Dip Dye – January 2013

      Dip Dye could make a comeback sooner than Kitty Hair though. Expect news, if any come 8/8/13 or beyond as far as an update to Royal Hair. Seeing as how late June got it’s update, and July never getting an update. It would seem likely that August would receive a punctual update to it’s Royal Hair list. If it doesn’t… I’ll be kinda bummed ]:

  • Hi,
    i just got back to maple recently and alot have change since then.
    Can I confirm that there is no royal hairstyle female as of the month of june 2014?
    Becoz there are no royal hairstyle coupon available as for now only the 9th Anniversary hairstyle is available now in the cash shop.
    Do reply soon thank you!!
    Really wanna get the royal hairstyle though.

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