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Maplestory 2, Aanyeong – Reupload with converted image files

Published September 16, 2014 by Mitsunebewbs

Thanks for the Extraction, Fiel of SP.

I went ahead and converted both the Gfx and Images links that were up on SP so that those who couldn’t get a DDS Viewer/Converter could still see what it is that was found in the latest MapleStory 2 Extraction.
Conversion was from .dds to .tiff, which you can preview with transparency via Windows Photo Viewer. Easily open and edit via Photoshop, even with MSPaint if you wanted to. (although not as clean!)


Contains: 1 main folder. Gfx.
It’s generally all map backgrounds and map effects. They’re all very pretty though, besides being a huge file to download. It’s worth a look-see [:
NOTE:Unlike the Images download, this upload will not include the original .dds files. Really it’s to save on download time for you all, because with all the files it would make the download too large.


Contains: 4 subfolders. Effect, Map, Quest, and ScreenMask.
The good stuff is in Map and Quest. In those two folders you will find a crap ton of Minimaps and about 40 NPC Illustrations. A few of them are repeats, and I dunno why that is xD;
NOTE: Everything is exactly as it was downloaded from Fiel and then my conversions are in noticeable new folders.

Enjoy! <3

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