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gMS v.114.1 Renegades: Azwan Update Notes

Published July 26, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

I know, I know. Super late! I hate when this haaappenss ]:~
But that’s fine, better that it’s posted than not at all. I will be as thorough as I can~
Just a heads up… I’m abusing the bullet tag today. Lmao, I dunno what that’s about… But bear with me yeah? This has taken me hours to write up, even though I’ve been reading these notes for days on my nook ._.








EVENTS: [az7]

Azwan Update v114

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My First Post! gMS Renegades~ Jett, Phantom, Fight for Azwan. [Moved from my other blog]

Published June 21, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

Yay first post, glad to be starting the kick off with info on the beginning of the Justice patch on gMS. I know I have some stuff from kMS but since this patch hasn’t hit gMS just yet, we have literally nothing known unless we look at kMS. We all know gMS likes to keep it simple and usually just translates a kMS patch and calls it a day. But because that is hearsay I won’t say that everything in the kMS Justice patch will be in the gMS patch, because that isn’t known yet.
Since this post contains all there is to know for what may be coming to gMS, I will be posting again when gMS releases the patch info. Thanks in advance, and follow me!

So here is a look into Jett, the gMS exclusive class set to release around June 27th. You can visit the Event Page, for more information but I will link the newest videos below.
Event Page - Jett Unlocked

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