Say whaaattttt!?

Published May 5, 2014 by Mitsunebewbs

Heya everyone. SO!
I’ve decided that I don’t feel like following gMS content to the extent of updating everyone with nearly copy-pasta’d versions of the info that the official MapleStory website shares with us all.

Is to update ALL of my pages, and any Cosmetics that MapleStory decides to add will get posts.
I love character customizations and I am more than happy to upkeep my current guides, AND create guides as per your request(s). I will do my bestiest to get them done and be as over thought out as always. YOU KNOW ME, ahuehheuhe.

Well because I hit my MapleStory wall, I love this game– But the updates in game-play aren’t interesting me as much anymore /:
I dunno what is happening but.. Turning 24 this year is really scary for some reason, and what have I got to show for my life this far?
I want to be a mother, and a better wife. Yet here I am playing Private RO servers and worrying about my epicly pinkz0r blog.
Essentially, I need to grow up guys– It’s very difficult when I’m tied to everything so strictly. I’m just gonna play it chill. Do everything in moderation and hope that everything works out [:

Alright, just thought I would update you all 0:


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