Let MapleStory be your Valentine

Published February 5, 2014 by Mitsunebewbs

Love is in the air! Cupid has let loose a barrage of his magic arrows, and all of Maple World is swooning. It’s time to grab that special someone and celebrate! From February 7 to February 20, take part in these romantic events.

Valentine’s Day Gift Shop

February 7 – February 20

Monsters hate it when love is in the air, and to ruin everyone’s fun they’ve stolen all the candy! Take part in special daily quests and hunt monsters to collect Valentine’s Day Candies. Candies can be transferred to Valentine’s Day Candy Points, which you can use to purchase fancy items in the Valentine’s Day Gift Shop run by Ace of Hearts.

You’re Such a Sweetie

February 7 – February 20

Valentine’s Day is all about being as cute as possible. The Valentine’s Day Sweet Glasses and Valentine’s Day Sweet and Sour Earrings are a super cute addition to any wardrobe. Get your own at the Valentine’s Day Gift Shop and you’ll earn the Accessorized Valentine title. Sweetness!!

Collect Candy Points, Get Rewards

February 7 – February 20

Search the land for Candy Points and collect as many as you can. Collect enough points to receive Master Craftsman’s Cubes, Chaos, Potential, and Protection Scrolls, and a Stellar Weapon Box!

A Secret Admirer…

February 7 – February 14

Complete quests from popular NPCs like Clara, Lilin, Irena, Neinheart, Jules, and Paolo to gain Likability. Likability doesn’t just mean hugs and kisses- it also means EXP and Berzerker Bon-Bons, a scrumptious item that will increase your ATT for 20 minutes.

Won’t You Be My Valentine?

February 14

If you gained Likability from any of the popular NPCs, they’ll send you a Valentine Card! You can get up to 3 cards total, but have to log in on Valentine’s Day (February 14) to receive them.

Once you’ve discovered which NPCs have a crush on you, you can use the cards to receive a stylish Valentine’s Bracelet and one of ten unique titles.

Recycling the Love Away

February 14 – February 20

Not only did the monsters steal all of the sugar candies, they somehow got their grubby paws on all the chocolate! Hunt them down and collect Chocolate Pieces left over from Valentine’s Day. Turn in your Chocolate Pieces to NPC Cassandra and choose between a Recycled Chocolate Scroll Box or a Recycled Chocolate Gift Box. What mysteries do these boxes hold? Scrolls? Consumable items? Open them up and find out!

Get romantic! Play MapleStory and celebrate Valentine’s Day!


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