Random Beauty Coupon Event: 12/25/13 – 1/1/14

Published December 23, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

NOTE: a.k.a too-long-didn’t-read
‣ Special Beauty Coupons drop from monsters within your level range.
‣ Use them to randomly alter your hair, face, and skin.
This change is permanent!

Looking to change up your style this winter? From December 25 – January 1, participate in the Random Beauty Coupon event and you might snag a fancy new look!

From river to valley, monsters throughout Maple World are dropping Random Beauty Coupons. How careless!

All you have to do is hunt monsters that are no more than 10 levels below or 20 levels above you, then grab the coupons they drop. Use the coupons to randomly change your hair, face, and skin. MapleStory is all about surprises, so grab a coupon and spin the wheel of beauty!


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