RED Hot Time: 12/7

Published December 6, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

MapleStory will be having Hot Time this Saturday! Get in-game for some great items!
Yes, the old-timey “Hot Time MINUTE”. Boo, I liked it better when it was all day ]:

Log in on Saturday, December 7 (2:30 PM to 2:31 PM Pacific) and stay logged in for a whole minute to receive the following items! Gachapon Ticket (x3), Red Cube (x3), and a Premium Surprise Style Box!
Once you receive your gift box, you will be able to open it 30 minutes later.

Your character must be Lv.13 or above to receive the gift box, and Lv.30 to open it. Be sure to open the gift box during its event period – because it’ll disappear at midnight the next day (12 AM Pacific, 3 AM Eastern)!
NOTE: To avoid NOT receiving your free gift, you are advised to just wait in town or any non-instanced map that is free from any major skills or player count.


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