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Published November 29, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

Eunwol. The NEW, but not so new Pirate Hero!!
I only say that because I always wondered how we managed to get two Magicians and no Pirate, haha!

(Click to Enlarge)

Home town map(s) that are ROUND… Waatttt??! Interesting.
Storyline will follow that of one where Eunwol was erased from the Maple World, thus memories and trace of him was seemingly non-existent.

Pretty much what happened to Peter Bishop at some point or another in my favorite show Fringe, that was falsely canceled. Best show evverr–
HOLY EXCITEMENT!! I hope he is just as cool as all our other Heroes, bringing something unique to it’s class like a rightful Hero should…
I took more from Max’s post than just the new Pirate Hero, but go give him a look for all of that specific info– Same for all the other MapleStory Korea news, he works hard on everything he does for that blog of his [:
HOWEVER… Night Walker and Blaze Wizard, are they forgotten? Haha, I miss their creation already ]:

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MapleStory You and I

The winter update for MapleStory, You & I has finally been revealed! A video has been released, detailing the many things which will be added this Winter, including new combat systems and maybe even a new Hero class… read on for more information!

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