gMS v.143 RED: First Impact – Update Highlights

Published November 27, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

I’m not surprised a date has not been given… Hopefully in the beginning or at the very least middle of December.
Last year we started Tempest during the last week of November 2012. Then the next part during the first week of December 2012. Followed by the next part during the third week of December 2012.
Then nothing for two, almost three weeks. Of course for everyone to get a break on Nexon’s end and for the community to enjoy all of the hard work put into that update.
The next part of Tempest came during the second week of January 2013. With it’s final part during the third week of January 2013.

So if we go by the example of last year and it’s “Big Update”… We can roughly expect to see RED unfold as follows;
Most earliest start date of December 4th.
Most ideal start date of December 11th.
Most probable start date of December 18th.
Most unlikely start date of December 25.
(I mean that it would be highly unlikely for an update to come during or on Christmas, but I could be wrong.)

Whichever date RED comes on, I just hope it comes with as a little hiccups as possible!

Dat watermark tho. GOTTA KEEP SAFE!


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