My 200th Post

Published September 9, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

I wasn’t gonna do anything about this milestone of mine. I did do search terms for my 100th post. So I’ll address the growth of this blog [:


It used to be one page, but now has a drop down menu with individual pages for each character tier with info on each class type. (Which of course still needs pretty images and proof reading to be completely accurate.)

Game Updates

A page that used to be one page as well, now is a parent page to Royal Hair and Face, All Stars Hair pages. Which are updated with blog posts pertaining to each.


This parent page has been getting bigger with each new inspiration I get. Character Card, Link Skill, and a bunch of Theme Dungeons guides that keep coming.

Hair Styles

Ahhh, my pride and joy pages!! I love, love, LOVE working on all of these. All are kept as up to date as I can keep them, I think Royal and All Stars need a mini update otherwise the same stands true.

Face/Skin Styles

My work in progress pages…. THEY WILL BE FINISHED ONE DAY! Lol<3


This parent page is almost like an affiliate thing, but no one has to be linking back. I’ll find someone I think you should check out and they get a link, while I would love to have everyone on there link me… That’s not necessary~
The children pages(haha!) on the other-hand are self explanatory… Since I blog and play MapleStory I’ve made; Character Simulator, and Databases pages. Which both include Ragnarok Online things.
Until I expand my Link page-children pages, I advertise my favorite places. Which for the time being is only for

In closing….

I am excited for the many more posts to come and hope that those pages are as useful as they were made and intended to be. I should be getting a domain soon… ALL MAI LAB 2 U GAIS~


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