[August 2013] Search Terms

Published August 16, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

Okay sooo… There was a LOT of Search Terms. I went through the months list and generally everything that had multiple terms used, were put together. I left a lot of the 1’s and below off the list– Obviously not as important as the many others with many more hits.
NOTE: After hours of going through important and least important Search Terms, I’m calling it a night. LOL– Tired, I was supposed to clean the bathroom two hours ago. I have an hour to get more things done, and I’m ready to crash… I hate these new graveyard shifts my Husband has ._.

MapleStory Related

ST: gamerbewbs, gamerbewb wordpress, gamerbewbs global maple story, hairstyle list maplestory gamerbewbs, maplestory blog
A: YOU! I like you <3
People actually looking me up, ohh such a sight~ I know what you want out of me… and that is of course–
Eheheheheehehe, ilu2maibb’s.

ST: maplestory female hairstyles, maplestory hairstyles female, maplestory hairstyles female 2013, maplestory vip hairstyles female, maplestory female vip hairstyles, maplestory female hair 2013, maplestory female hair, maplestory girl hairstyles, maplestory all vip hairstyles female 2013, maplestory vip female hairstyles 2013, maplestory all female hairstyles 2013, maplestory vip hairstyles female 2013, maplestory female hairstyles vip, vip female hairstyles maplestory, maplestory female vip hair, maplestory hairstyles female vip 2013, vip female hairstyle maplestory, maplestory 2013 vip hairstyles, maplestory vip female hair 2013, maplesea vip hairstyle short top tail, maplestory vip girl hairstyles, maplestory female hairs, female hair maplestory, female hairstyles maplestory, maplestory hair styles female, maplestory vip hairstyles, maplestory vip hair, maplestory male vip hair, maplestory hair male, maplestory top vip male hairs, maplestory best male vip hair, maplestory all hairstyle updo male
A: Female :: Male.
That search function doe~

ST: maplestory link skills, link skills maplestory, maplestory link skill list, link skills, maplesea link skills, link skill guide, maplestory skill link, gms link skills, maplestory link skill and level, maplestory link skill guide, link skill maplestory, maplestory 2013 link skills, link skills level 2, maplestory link skill, maple link skill level 2, all maplestory link skills, link skill, maplesea all link skills, link skills guide, maplestory all link skills, maplesea link skill
A: There’s a guide for that here too, LOL.
The guides I have are all meant for gMS. mSEA may not have the same link skill effects we do, and since I don’t keep up with their content…

ST: maplestory muse hair, muse hair maplestory, muse haircut maplestory, maplesea muse hair
maplestory royal hair, maplestory muse haircut, muse hair coupon maplestory, muse hair in maplestory, muse coupon maplestory, muse hair coupon, muse hair maple, maplestory muse, wat does muse hair look like maplestory, maplestory hairstyle muse, muse hair style maple story, maplesea muse haircut, muse coupon maplesea, maple muse haircut, muse hair maplesea, black muse hair, muse haircut maple, maplestory muse haircut female

A: Popular hair this month. Link

ST: crazy hair coupon maplestory, maplestory crazy hair coupon, maplestory crazy hair list, crazy hair coupon maplesea, maplesea crazy hair, maplestory henesys royal crazy hairstyles, maplestory crazy hair, crazy hair maplestory, maplestory crazy hairstyles, maplestory preview girl crazy hair coupon
A: Ahh, unisex craycray hair.

ST: maplestory hairstyles, maplestory hair, maplestory hairstyle 2013, maplestory hair 2013
A: Hizzer.

ST: maplestory dip dye hair, dip dye hair maplestory, maplestory is dip dye hair royal?, dip dye hair youtube maplestory, dip dyed hair coupon maplestory, black dip dye hair maplestory
A: Not AS popular, but it was up there! Link

ST: hayato link skill, maplestory hayato link skill, hayato level 2 link skill, keen edge lvl 2 hayato
A: Ohh how I love link anchors.

ST: spiegelman gonzo gallery quest, gonzo gallery maplestory, spiegelman’s gonzo gallery guide, spiegelman gonzo gallery, spiegelmann’s gonzo gallery, gonzo gallery, maplestory spiegelman gonzo gallery, spiegelmann’s gonzo gallery opening quest, maplestory spiegelman gallery, jewel of the desert maplestory, gonza maple, jewel of the desert quest maplestory, maplestory spiegelman gonzo gallery rewards, spiegelmann gonzo gallery, maplestory spiegelmann gonzo gallery rewards, maplestory spiegelmann’s gonzo gallery opening, gonzo gallery, how to do gonzo galleey, maplestory spiegelmann gonzo gallery how to get equip, spiegelman gonzo gallery maplestory, spiegelman’s belt, spiegelmann painting, how to get spiegelmann’s belt, spiegelman painting scrap, maplestory spiegelmann fall painting
A: We all just kinda guess how you spell his name don’t we? LOL, here you are~

ST: lotus hair maplestory, maplestory lotus hair, lotus hairstyle maplestory, xenon hair, xenon style, xenon female, xenon male, xenon hair maplestory, maplestory xenon hair, xenon maple, xenon storyline maplestory, maplestory female xenon, xenon hair style maplestory
A: Xenon~ Character Creation Guide!

ST: maplestory royal hair june 2013, maplestory royal hair july 2013, maplestory royal hair list 2013, maplestory royal hairstyles, royal hair list maplestory, maplestory royal hairstyles 2013, maplestory henesys royal crazy hairstyles, maplestory royal hair list, royal hair maplestory, maplestory royal hair update, maplestory hair salon revamp royal hair, royal hair maplestory 2013, maplestory royal coupon 2013, maplestory all royal hair, royal hairs maplestory list, gms royal hairstyles, royal hairstyles maplestory 2013, maplestory royal hair 2013, maplestory royal hair female 2013, maplestory royal hair female, maplestory female royal hairstyles, maplestory girl royal hairstyles, 2013 royal hairstyle list female, royal hair maplestory female list unleahsed, female royal hair list, maplestory royal hairstyles female 2013 henesys, maplestory male royal faces, maplestory royal face female 2013, maplestory royal face, maplestory royal faces basil, maplestory royal eyes, royal face maplestory, maplestory royal hair list male 2013, maplestory male royal hair 2013, gms male royal hairstyles, maplestory gms all male royal hairs, maplestory royal hair list male, royal face and hair maplestory 2013 updated, royal hair and eye colours, maplestory hair 2013 vip
A: Hair :: Face
These pages are updated as regularly as I can do so, the last update is listed up top all huge and colorful.

ST: theme dungeon ellin forest, ephenia’s ring, ellin forest quest, ellin forest guardian, theme.dungeon elin forest, ellin forest guide, ellin forest quest guide, maplestory ellinforest reward, ellin forest theme dungeon
A: One of my newer Theme Dunegon Guides.

ST: kerning square theme dungeon, blake’s autograph quest guide like the first time,like the first time maplestory spirit of rock, kerning square guide
A: My newest Theme Dunegon Guide.

ST: maplestory all star hair, all star hair maplestory, all star hair maplestory list, maplestory all-star hair list
A: We need these released again, maybe this Fall?

ST: demon avenger, maplestory demon avenger, maplestory demon avenger girl, haircuts for demon avenger, maplestory demon avenger hair, what hair salon have the demon avenger haircut in maplestory, demon avenger female hair, maplestory demon avenger haircuts, demon avenger female
A: Sweet, sweet Character Creation Guide.

ST: maplestory how many characters can receive hot time
A: One character per account. It used to be a requirement of a level 13 character to open the Gift Boxes. Now it is level 30 to open it, and the box usually expires at 3am PST the next day.

ST: how to get angelic buster hair, how to change angelic buster hairstyle, angelic buster, angelic buster diff hairstyle, angelic buster vip hairstyles, angelic buster cosmetic lens, maplestory angelic buster hairstyles, your angelic buster maple hair?, how to reset hair on angelic buster
A: Character Creation Guide. Not much to her, however. Hair style changing on Angelic Buster is like any other character. Once the change is made, there is no reverting back to the original hair unless it is available. In which case, you would have to purchase NX to get the coupons to do so.

ST: maplestory demon avenger link skill lv2 gms, character card and link skill for demon, demon avenger link skill
A: Link Skill Guide.

ST: maplestory kanna charisma hair, kanna bob hair, maplestory sengoku hair
A: Sengiku hair, Kanna or Hayato.

ST: maplestory posh look, phantom hair, phantom face

ST: maplestory kaiser hair, maplestory kaiser male creation
A: Moar bam!

ST: maplestory new leaf city hairstyles for females, new leaf city hairstyles
A: Female :: Male

ST: maplestory gms newest royal hair
A: As of right now, (August 2013).

ST: luminous link skill
A: Link!

ST: delicate or twinkle hair maple, luminous hair, luminous face
A: Character Creation.

ST: maple mihile character creation
A: The simplest one listed.. Lol~

ST: maplestory hairstyles amoria
A: Female :: Male

ST: maplestory what do you do if you mess up your default hair
A: Once the change is made, there is no reverting back to the original hair unless it is available. In which case, you would have to purchase NX to get the coupons to do so.

ST: maplestory classes 2013
A: Glad you asked, check the top of any page here. Orr go here.

ST: level 3 elven blessing, mercedes link skill
A: Link Skill Guide.

ST: maplestory long hair for male
A: Oy… That is hard to answer. However; VIP, Royal, All Stars, Crazy.

ST: cygnus knight character card
A: Here you are. Come the CK revamp, these will change.

ST: backstory of demon avenger
A: It’s basically a good vs. evil approach, for specifics.

ST: pretty girl hair maplestory
A: Not the cutest hair, but it’s a limited release kind of hair~

ST: how to get the charismatic dual blade male face
A: It’s the Male Dual Blade Character Creation face, but has been released as a royal face before.

ST: maple character card colour
A: There are different color(s) because of the character tier type. (IE: Warrior, Magician, Bowman Thief, Pirate.) If you equip three(3) of the same tier, you can get a special card combo.

ST: maplestory how often does royal hair list change, how often does royal hair change maplestory
A: About every month, if the coupon is made available again. There have been months where the coupon has been removed to allow rarity and other coupon(s) to take rein. (Like All Stars & Crazy Hair Coupons)

ST: maplestory top 10 vip female hairstyles
A: This is subjective. Here is the Female VIP Hairstyle list.
My top 10 are from best to least best, lol;
Ravishing Raven, Top Tied Bun, Lovely Ladyhawk, Messy Pigtails, Sunflower Power, Roxy, Minnie, Zessica, Frizzle Dizzle, Aran Hair.

ST: maplestory top 10 vip male hairstyles
A: This is also subjective. I am a chick and I’m bias to what looks nice. Here is the Male VIP Hairstyle list.
My top 10 are from best to least best, lol;
Sweet Flip Hair, Matinee Idol, Cabana Boy, Shaggy Dragon, Raving Rockstar, Gruff & Tough, Mane Hair, Messy Spike, Clean-Cut Short Hair, Tentacle Hair.

ST: does royal hair coupon change color
A: No, only the style.

ST: para que sirve trait boost potion
A: What use is a trait boost potion? The ones given from events usually raise a random Trait to level 30. So it’s used is quite nice, you want high leveled Trait(s).

Ragnarok Online II/2: LotS Related

ST: ragnarok online 2 selling items, ragnarok 2 sell item, ro2 selling items, how to sell equipment in ro2, sell one item ro 2, how to sell items in ragnarok online 2, ro2 how to sell items, ragnarok online 2 how to sell things, how to sell ragnarok, how to sell items in ro2, sell things ragnarok, selling items in ragnorak, where to sell items in ragnarok 2, ragnarok 2 vendor, como vender en ragnarok 2, como vendo los objetos en ragnarok 2, ro2 open vendor, ragnarok 2 como vender, how to vendor ragnarok 2, onde encontro npc para vender itens no ragnarok 2, vendor shop ragnarok 2, how to make a shop in ro2, where can i sale my items in ragnarok 2
A: Two part answer for these search terms… When you are level 10, any class can set up a shop/vend. (Default key: Y) To sell items to NPC’s, you right click the item(s) or drag the item(s) to the Item list window. You can only sell to NPC’s that have an Item list, IE: Merchant/Shop NPC’s.
In RO2 some of the actual classes of RO1 are professions/jobs/systems now. Artisan is something newer, RO1 has something like that but it’s very limited. Chef was a side quest thing that allowed skill usage to create random stat enhancing foods. Blacksmith and Alchemist were classes in RO1 and are now professions in RO2. Merchant was a class in RO1 and is now available to all classes at level 10. (In RO1 there were items that allowed any class to vend.. Because it was a skill not ‘system’ haha.)
The NPC sell thing, is something RO1 has as well. While there are many an NPC in the game there are specific ones you can sell to. To be captain obvious, almost any game I’ve ever played is the exact some x:!!


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