Am I maple famous now!? :D:D

Published July 24, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

NOTE: I mostly use, might be easier to spend the time making things like this on your own… Kinda like I have to, but as someone who doesn’t get paid to do it a linkback wouldn’t hurt y’know? /swt

Thank you @SpiritOfMir, I would otherwise not have noticed… Not until I did some reverse image searching– Which I do every few weeks/months….
I AM- Most likely not maple famous. LOL! Google images probably had a huge hand in this.
It seems like eMS has a naughty habit of using images that they didn’t make! Okay not a habit but still.
Which of course is all fine and dandy, I know the content in the image isn’t mine as it is. I also realize once something hits or gets uploaded to the internet, it is probably going to be used with or without your permission.

eMS v.93 Spark – Update Notes

(Click to Enlarge)

eMS v.93 Spark – Update Notes
The original area where the hair was harvested.

Annyywaayyysss. With all that said, IT DOESN’T MEAN I WONT FIND IN FUNNY!
Because~ As most of you have noticed, I have a compulsive habit of placing fat watermarks on almost everything I make for this blog [;
* Notice the pink behind the coupon…

eMS v.93 Spark – Update Notes

eMS v.93 Spark – Update Notes

Heh, only the second time I’ve ever had this happen to me personally and it wont be the last and that’s okay. If I don’t find it, someone else does LOL… It’s flattering, not insulting <3

PS: I am heavily enjoying Xenon still and did delete my Aran mining mule to make a Demon Avenger, I missed a character slot coupon along the way it seems ]:


One comment on “Am I maple famous now!? :D:D

  • Why are we not funding the bloody colorful nuclear hair?
    I have just been bestowed the gift to view upon the pivotal fanciness of hairdo fashion.

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