kMS ver. 1.2.196 – MapleStory RED: 1st Impact!

Published July 4, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

I think I rather do have to agree with the top commenter. With a small addition of course…

PS: Sorry for the length of this reblog post. RED is a huge update to the MapleStory we know and love. THIS is just part one and I am just so excited for it and what is to come <3. If I could read Korean I'd cover it myself but we have more than enough people and websites that do that already. Keep at it~

Orange Mushroom's Blog

MapleStory RED Adventurer Reorganization

The exciting first patch of the RED update: 1st Impact has been released!! It includes the long, long, long-awaited Adventurer reorganization along with their own story lines, character creation and a few other changes! The Free Advancement system has also been added!

In addition, there has been a large overhaul of the profession system and some new UI. Read on for more information!

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