gMS v.138 Unleashed: Xenon – Update Highlights

Published June 28, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

NOTE: Coming to us… JULY 3!!!
Less than a week to go my loves! It’s safe to say that I was immensely excited last summer with Phantom and it’s release. THIS YEAR THOUGH… I have that fevah, for XENON. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I am just super excited lols <3

PS: I couldn't take that old format at all. Too uncertain as to who can see it properly and on what devices ]: BACK TO ONE IMAGE IT IS ._.

Damage Formula for Xenon:
1.5*(4*(STR+LUK+DEX))*ATT/100 – Locked/Zelkova on SouthPerry


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