Monster Life Hot Day, Miracle Time & 2x EXP/Drop Weekend!

Published May 25, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

Celebrate the opening of Monster Life, log in for Hot Day!!

Log in on Saturday, May 25 (12 AM to 11:59 PM Pacific) and click the gift box icon on the left side of your game window to receive the following item! Hot Day Reward Box!
Hot Day Reward Box:
This reward box contains 1 of each: Bean-related Box, Monster Voucher, Building Voucher, Decor Voucher, Farm Renaming Coupon, and an Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness 40%.

Your character must be Lv.13 or above to accept the free items. If you are logged in before midnight, or you reach level 10 during the event period, you must relog into MapleStory to claim your gifts. Be sure to open each box during its event period – they’ll disappear at midnight the next day (12 AM Pacific, 3 AM Eastern)!
Then cube away from 2:00 to 4:00 PM Pacific during the Double Miracle Time Event for a chance to raise the rank of your equipment with regular Potential TWICE with one cube! This means you could jump from Rare to Unique!

Celebrate the opening of Monster Life with double the fun. Level up and power through the weekend with 2x EXP & Drop!

May 24, 2013 ~FRIDAY
Pacific: 4 PM – 6 PM
Eastern: 7 PM – 9 PM

May 25 & 26, 2013 ~SATURDAY & SUNDAY
Pacific: 12 AM – 1 AM & 2 PM – 4 PM
Eastern: 3 AM – 4 AM & 5 PM – 7 PM

May 27, 2013 ~MONDAY
Pacific: 2 PM – 4 PM
Eastern: 5 PM – 7 PM

This event will stack with 2x EXP Coupons, so you could use one from the Cash Shop to get 4X EXP!


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