Angelic Buster Customization

Published January 9, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

Angelic Buster customization works pretty much like any other character, or more like androids actually. You just get an extra window and I have images of that at the bottom of this post.

It’s almost like being two characters at once. You can have two different looks, woo!
How does one go about this customization? Well buy your NX/KK like you would normally, and buy your coupon(s) like you would normally and go use them silly!


What can Angelic Buster look like with her default cosmetics?

Royal Hair & Face?
Yes, you can get them on BOTH modes of your Angelic Buster.

REG/VIP Hair Style/Color & Face Style?
Yes, you can get them on BOTH modes of your Angelic Buster.

All Stars Hair?
Probably, I will update when we get that event again!

Eye color? (Contact Lenses)
Yes, but only on non-transformed mode of Angelic Buster. If I can figure out how to do it in Dress-Up, I will update this area [: (Different colors are in the database, so it’s not impossible.)

What it will look like for Hair Style & Color for REG/VIP:

What it will look like for Face Style for REG/VIP:


8 comments on “Angelic Buster Customization

  • I just wondered, when you view the hairstyles in-game, it doesn’t show the horns on the character. Would the horns be gone if you changed the hairstyle or is it only the preview that does not show them? Thanks :) Also very good job this site is awesome.

    • I think the horns are linked to the hairstyle. Whereas the wings and tail are linked to the character like with Kaiser. This is something I would have to verify first hand or find someone who has changed their Dress-Up mode hair though. I’ll comment back if what I find out is different than the above. (Thank you, I try to make it appealing to the eyes as often as I can~)

  • helo! nice to see the page, its amazing!

    can we change the suit/cape for AB? i mean after she transform..
    isit using the hyper coordinate? isit only limited to certain parts? @@

    • That cape you see is part of the dress that you get when you create your Angelic Buster.
      However you can purchase a Compact from the Cash Shop. The Cash Shop Compact expires in 90days if you don’t open it, obviously you need to open it to get the dress.
      You get a dress and an effect depending on your Compact choice. I never bought one myself– I think the Compact(s) are a Cash Shop Event, so obtaining a new outfit for your AB may prove difficult. Depends on when they’re released or if they’re always available? I don’t play MapleSEA so…
      I made this for you haha;

      By “not released” I mean that, I don’t think they’ve been released yet. They’re cute, so hope hard enough and maybe they will come to MapleSEA? Hehe <3

  • wow!! its cute to see all these!!
    magical hair is cute than the normal type.. so far mapleSEA only realise 3 compacts..

    i tried to place an overall cash item on my ab coordinate, its fail. (forced to purchase new compacts from cash shop in order to change ab’s outfit)

    i guess except overall, the rest shud be ok to apply on it..

    once again thanks alot for your effort and help <33333

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