Addressing some recent search terms… Also my 100th post wee<3

Published January 8, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

One’s that I cared to address because I may not have the answers anywhere else on the blog. May not, may.. Also random search term that got a hit, *cough*tiny bewbs tumblr*cough*wtf*cough*!
Happy to help loves~
Yay my 100th post! <3

**The MediaFire links are from my longtime personal account and are just images, I got the FanKits from the kRO2 website and merged them into single .rar's. Nothing sketchy, I always advise a good anti-virus just in case though. I also scanned my PC right before making and uploading the .rar's to MediaFire, so all should be clear [:

MapleStory Related

ST: all star hair coupon maplestory list, maplestory all star hair, maplestory all stars hair, maplestory all star hair list, all stars hair coupon 2013
A: Glad you asked! GO HERE~ (Even if you didn’t…)
LOL! That link there will take you to the page that I update anytime that hair event comes around. It hasn’t yet in 2013, so hold tight!

ST: angelic burster royal hair
A: Yeah… That doesn’t exist LOL.
While the hair may come to Royal hair like the Heroes hair did, I’m not sure if it will. Who knows! gMS is supar craycray~

Ragnarok Online II/2: LotS Related

ST: how to sell item in ragnarok online 2, how to sell things in ragnarok online 2, how to sell items in ragnarok online 2, how to sell items in ro2, ragnarok 2 how to sell things, how to vend ro2
A: Two part answer for these search terms… When you are level 10, any class can set up a shop/vend. (Default key: Y) To sell items to NPC’s, you right click the item(s) or drag the item(s) to the Item list window. You can only sell to NPC’s that have an Item list, IE: Merchant/Shop NPC’s.
In RO2 some of the actual classes of RO1 are professions/jobs/systems now. Artisan is something newer, RO1 has something like that but it’s very limited. Chef was a side quest thing that allowed skill usage to create random stat enhancing foods. Blacksmith and Alchemist were classes in RO1 and are now professions in RO2. Merchant was a class in RO1 and is now available to all classes at level 10. (In RO1 there were items that allowed any class to vend.. Because it was a skill not ‘system’ haha.)
The NPC sell thing, is something RO1 has as well. While there are many an NPC in the game there are specific ones you can sell to. To be captain obvious, almost any game I’ve ever played is the exact some x:!!

ST: ragnarok online 2 patch starts back at 0%
A: Make sure to follow the RO2 Facebook and Twitter page to keep up with maintenance and downtime.
I’ve noticed that if I try updating the game when they are down the initial updater with blue bars will come up and download the patch but when it goes the official and cute updater it will stay at 0%.
Also keep in mind that if this gets annoying for you, (Them being down often.) The game is currently in english open beta after little time of closed beta.

ST: ragnarok online legend of the second english beta, ragnarok online 2 legend of the second english january, ragnarok online 2 legend of the second north america, ragnarok online 2 legend of the second sea
A: I made a post about RO2, silly wabbits!

ST: ragnarok online 2 lots banner, ragnarok ii.png, ragnarok character.png
A: Maybe this Official kRO2 FanKit all converted from .psd/.bmp to .png (65mb) can help you out [:
PS: You’re welcome, thank goodness for having photoshop yeah <3? The link above is just for the .png formats of the files. If you want the .psd's, here is that download (186mb). Oh and I renamed most of them, the Official kRO2 FanKits had them all named like ‘++-=+|-.psd’ etcetc.


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