Newish areas to the GamerBewbs Blog!

Published January 4, 2013 by Mitsunebewbs

Well I haven’t had a post in the new year of 2013. So I guess I’ll make it about the blog!

The reason this blog exists is because… Well I prefer to be helpful, in anyway I can be. Seeing as how I do not work for Nexon, or Gravity for that matter. I go ahead and share my excitement and knowledge as best I can for those who share my passion for the game(s) I cover.
So~ The purpose of this blog is to be helpful. As helpful as I can have it. So not only do I make posts about new content coming to gMS. Some snippets of what is completely new to MapleStory(kMs news). I also thought that some of my newer sections were necessary to live up to that helpful effect.

SO, to be exact. Here is an image of all the new area’s to the blog [:

1. Classes
There you will find all the classes of MapleStory, with a little visual aid to help you see what the generic creation is.

2. Guides
What helpful blog is complete without a ‘Guides’ section. Right now it’s only got two guides, but both are pretty thorough if I do say so myself…
Character Card Guide
Spiegelmann’s Gonzo Gallery Guide

3. Hair Styles
This is my favorite of the three character customization sections. While Face Styles and Style Colors are just as new, they are no where near as complete as the Hair Style section.
It has all the hair styles under the parent category in every hair color it comes in. (Which for most if not all hair styles, available in all colors.)
That being said… The newest addition was the Character Creation section. Take a look because I think you may like it!
Other areas in order of newest to oldest (addition wise, the ones that are finished are updated when gMS changes/adds something)
All Stars
VIP (Female) WiP
VIP (Male) WiP

4. Newest Classes
That is part of the banner/header image. It is a section that will show off the newest TWO classes that have arrived to gMS along with the dates and class name/image. Both male and female unless gender locked.

5. Upcoming Classes
Another part of the banner/header image. It is a section that will show off the soonest THREE classes that will arrive to gMS along with the possible dates and class name/image. Both male and female unless gender locked. The dates are updated if/when dates are released by the MapleStory team.

6. Character Creation
Well I mentioned a little of what this section is about with the parent page, Hair Styles.
This section showcases the hair and face styles of all characters that come with class specific cosmetics in all available colors. (Except for white, because that contact lens is an event released lens.)
It is currently up to date with Angelic Buster and will be updated with all other classes whether they are available here on gMS or just barely released on kMS. I am a sucker for class specific cosmetics <3

The list of classes showcased on that page are as follows… (You can click them if you would like to see em')



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