gMS v.125 Tempest: Kasier – Update Highlights

Published December 8, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

Here’s the video!

So… my thoughts?
LE RICE, looks like a Melee version of Mercedes now that I think about it.. lols. All flashy, sure of themselves. I mean pls, if Mercedes needed a BF it would be Kaiser. JUSS SAYIN~ <3

Then here's the pretty update highlights <3 Stitched it together to make it prettier xD~


2 comments on “gMS v.125 Tempest: Kasier – Update Highlights

    • HAH! Wait till Angelic Buster, now THAT is overpowered~
      I love new content/classes I just wish that by the time gMS got it, that it would come more or less in it’s final form. Not coming fairly raw in the first introduction and then later down the line nerfed/buffed. Not sure if I’m explaining it right x:.. Oh well, just how I feel about it xD! <3

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