gMS Power through Tempest 2x EXP/Drop & HOT TIME~

Published November 29, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

Enjoy some lovely 2x EXP and Drop and get to fourth job @ level 100 for the very first time [:
First time as in, you've never been able to get fourth job at level 100 ever before! LOL, it's always been 120! THIS IS SO CRAYCRAY~~

December 1st & 2nd 2012
Pacific: 2 PM – 6 PM
Eastern: 5 PM – 9 PM

This event will stack with EXP coupons, so you could use a 2x EXP Coupon from the Cash Shop to get 4X EXP for 4 hours each day!

For the BETTER part of this news, teehee~ While I do love me some 2x, I REALLY love me some HOT TIME! <3

HERE, is how it goes.

Log in from noon to midnight on Saturday, December 1 (12 PM to 11:59 PM PST) and Sunday, December 2 (12 PM to 11:59 PM PST)
Also note that you can accept each of these items individually, and on different characters.
You get a Tempest Gift Box, on a character of your choice. Open the box, and all of the items listed for the Hot Time you participated in will be given. Even the official notice for the Hot Time says you can accept each item individually. — Was proven incorrect, obviously.

So for Saturday December 1st, we have… Character Slot Expansion Coupon, Happy-Go-Lucky Scroll, and AP Reset Scroll.

Then on Sunday December 2nd, we have… Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50%, Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll and SP Reset Scroll.

If you notice that last bit, I’ve highlighted it in light blue. You don’t ALWAYS get that, the chances are so low that from tens of thousands of Maplers only 1,700 of them will get a chance at it. Which seems like a lot, but it isn’t.
(I’m also counting all 17 worlds, without accounting for the world alliances…)

Evan Hair: MALE

Bed Head Hair: MALE

Goddess Hair: FEMALE

I have no verification for this being Goddess Hair. –That being said, hopefully someone shares the info with me!
*UPDATE* A Mapler(Joon) tells me you get the Ballroom Classic from the Goddess Hair Coupon. I think I read the same thing on Southperry/Basil. Guess we’ll have to wait till Sunday to know for sure [:

Pretty Girl Hair: FEMALE

Our Character Select screen as of v.123 Into the Storm [:


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