kMS – Landing Page has some serious explaining to do!

Published November 22, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

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I also find that using google translate to load the kMS page makes this landing page appear even if you have marked the check box to NOT show the page again. Which I had done and a hard refresh and clear of my cache and cookies didn’t work x:

I mean you tell me, a video comes out yesterday about a Historic Update and then an inkwell diary about it. THEN this pops up? What’s so historic? Well when we get into the second part of Tempest, kMS will be unveiling just what the crap the landing page is all about.
The obvious can be seen. We know that a Resistance Thief has been waiting to come out of hiding. Could it be the guy on the left or the right? I’m hoping the right, because the silhouette on the left looks like Demon Slayer. Which is speculated to be Damien, Demon Slayer’s brother.
If the Resistance Thief we see here on the right, Automata. Is NOT holding a whip, then he’s holding a dagger and that “light trail” we see is coming from his shoes. Which could be that one unique thing that makes him more special as a limited character just like Demon Slayer with his shield.

All I know is I can dig a thief with a whip, but I can also dig a thief with
magical []D [] []V[] []D [] []\[] shoes~

Stay tuned for December 6th ya’ll~
Also, video. LOL

메이플스토리 2012년 겨울 업데이트 티징 영상

AKA: MapleStory Winter 2012 Update — World Medal


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