gMS Tempest: Event Page plus Videos!

Published November 16, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs


Wow, this came a lot sooner after the Resistance Revamp then I would have anticipated. LOL! Supar fast Nexon. I LIKE THIS. Remember Hot Time DAY tomorrow, Saturday, November 17th.
ALSO! While I am writing this 2x EXP and Drop has been going for about 20 mins. It continues into 6pm PST tonight. Get ingame!

Uhm, well I’m an event page monger. LOVE THEM! So this should be fun, uncovering each page as it unlocks [:

So let me first start off with the event page. Then the youtube video and the dissecting of it.

Here is the Event Page.

Eight pages to view in final form. The first FOUR(4) pages are unlocked. Leaving us with FOUR(4) locked. The next two pages unlock on December 6th, and the last two unlock on January 3rd December 18th.

Click to enlarge (Or just go to the event page, LOL.)

Okay now the video <3

In the video we are shown a date (November 29th) followed by Into the Storm.

The first part of Tempest includes; (From the order the video has given… Into the Storm)
‣ Job advancement changes (3rd job is @ level 60, 4th job is @ level 100)
‣ The secondary stat ‘requirement’ is removed. You can wear more gear, yadayada. (I’m sure beast equips will still want that secondary stat, but the increase of the second stat it will NOT account into your damage.)
‣ Max character slots increases from 15 to 18.

Our second date (December 5th) followed by The Final Hero Rises.

The second part of Tempest includes; (From the order the video has given… The Final Hero Rises)
‣ Lumiunous (With a voice?… THAT would be a first for gMS.)

Things the weren’t shown that kMS got in their first part of Tempest.
‣ Max level of various/some skills gets lowered for all classes.
‣ Portals go transparent-ish.
‣ Phantom gets tiny buff and nerfs.

This video depicts Kaiser in anime form, his release date and the obvious class showcase.
‣ Kaiser


The third part of Tempest; (From the order the video has given… Angelic Buster)
‣ Angelic Buster

Hot Time DAY. Remember to login tomorrow for your free gifts! Available all day November 17th 2012~

Second reminder! 2x is running till 6pm PST. We are current 20 minutes in. GET ON SNITCHES~


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