gMS Cash Shop Events & Ninja Castle Reminder

Published November 7, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

So I’m not gonna list them all, because we all know what’s in the Cash Shop and if YOU do not. Get ingame and look for yourself. I’m also only posting what seems practical to waste money on if you’re gonna waste it on le MapleStory <3





Because the Beauty Coupons have come and gone, we need to fix all the pieces of ourselves that we decided to keep despite how ugly we turned out as a whole. YES, that means being green skinned with the most epic face and possible hair you’ve ever seen. So~ WE HAVE! The three most important things in the cash shop cosmetic wise that can fix the hideousness all for under $3.60 USD and less.

Aside from the Cosmetics, Bypass keys are back and if you want to use gear that you are not the actual level to wear and can barely scratch the surface of the levels required. Pick those up while you can [:

Royal Hair & Face Coupons are back of course. Some of our favorite and least favorite hairs, and featuring many of our Hero/Limited Classes faces! Which is fun for those of you were s2pdly used Beauty Coupons on their Phantoms/Mercedes/Demon Slayers. (Just playing ilugais, and everyone but me seems to have done it. I COULDN’T DO ETT~)
Priced at the normal of 3,300 NX for both Hair and Face separately.

Last thing I wanna get to inside the Cash Shop are the Mount Covers. They are 40% off and PERMANENT, which is fun for those of you HeneHoes who still USE their mounts (LOL@HAVINGAWESOMEJUMPSKILLS.)
Would also like to note that these mount covers in particular are leaving the cash shop come the Rise Against Update.


For those of your who have no idea about Ninja Castle, sucks buuttt. I’m not gonna cover what it is, since what is coming is a hundred times better <3

What is happening before it leaves is the whole area is receiving a doubled drop rate on quest items and a 10x Drop Rate to Jonin Throwing Stars. An item that when 300 are collected will allow you to skip the Jump Quest just once.

People may be complaining about how that isn't a better move but, I like how our Theme Dungeons are and I would prefer more thought out area's with targeted leveling ranges. Unlike how Ninja Castle is right now.
ANYWAYS! Enjoy it while you can <3


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