The Great Maple Election Quest 2012

Published November 5, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs



Well it was a web event that all started in September, and it revolved all around the Presidential Election of 2012. I want to assume the quest votes from in-game were counted, but I have no confirmation of that.

The web event was a simple poll, Romney or Obama. Based on certain events that occur with every Presidential Election. Red is for Romney, Blue is for Obama. The colors are based on the Political party each Candidate belongs too.

The First Poll was: Which Candidate do you support?
The poll percentage came back and all the states were in the color of the highest percent winning candidate. Three states were voted in as more for Romney than Obama.

The victor and obvious choice in my opinion, simply because he is our current president. Was 80-20, Obama in favor.

The Second Poll was: Who is the winner of the first debate?
The poll percentage came back once more, and all the states were yet again the color of the highest percent winning candidate.

The victor was an assuming tough call. There were nine Romney states, and three purple states. The rest were Obama, I thought it was neat where if a state came up 50-50 it state would be purple. Was 68-32, Obama in favor.

The Third Poll was: The candidates have spoken. Who has your vote?


We’ve got five Romney states, and one purple. Rest are Barack Obama!
Was 82-18, Obama winning as we knew. But I updated the picture to show that~

The poll percentage isn’t coming in clear at the moment, and that’s probably because it’s before 9am PST and all the Nexon MapleStory gremlins we know and love are still commuting to work. OR, poking the bugs in-game haha <3
The poll ended last night or early this morning, all I know is I visited the page around 8am PST and tweeted the winner based on what the MapleStory Community voted~
We know that Barack Obama won, but the tally for it seems off. I would love to get the percentage chart up, and I will update this post when/if it is fixed. I think my favorite thing about this whole event is what the page now says, LMAO. Funny stuff xD..

Obama wins!

Thank you for participating in the Great Maple Election Quest 2012.
This quest is repeatable every 4 years, so check back then!


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