gMS v.118 Champions : Cash Shop Events

Published September 25, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

Alright so before I get to the Cash Shop Events that matter to the Champions Update. What’s up with the maintenance!?
It seemed like we were gonna have the game up and ready to play today.
I went to sleep with it being done from 11PM to 4AM PST.
Then I wake up to 9:30AM-5PM PST.

BUT! It has to do with the item potentials, I’m just glad it’s being dealt with~
Laaamme, but oh well. I wasn’t gonna have much time to play today anyways.

Alright so I didn’t think would find many of these events that mattered but HEYO, I was wrong. Got a few that seriously catch my eye.







Champions Cash Shop 1 [ccs1] ~ From September 25th

All of the following Cash Shop items in this section will be sold continuously in the Cash Shop. Yeah that means, permanently added INTO the Cash Shop. However, the top three here are actually sold permanently. Which is pretty cool [:

Champions Cash Shop 1

Champions Cash Shop 1

Shield Scroll protects it from having its available upgrade count reduced by a failed scroll.

Champions Cash Shop 1

Perfect Innocence Scroll resets all stats (except potential) on one of your items.

Champions Cash Shop 1

Guardian Scroll protects a scroll from destruction if it fails.

Champions Cash Shop 1

Shielding Ward protects it from being destroyed by scrolls that have a chance to do so.

Champions Cash Shop 2 [ccs2] ~ From September 25th

So I mentioned in the Update Notes, about how happy I was with this change. I am glad to see that they don’t cost more. Gachapon was revamped and it is now The Great Gachapierott!
If you want mreo info on what was changed, head here.

Anyways, because it costs the same and the rewards are presumably better. I would start flowing your NX here, because it’s though the Gachapierott that you will make a lot of your in-game NX now that it is better.

Champions Cash Shop 2

Champions Cash Shop 3 [ccs3] ~ Running from September 25th to October 9th

Yaya Unicorn pets are back <3 LET THE KAWAII COMMENCE.

Champions Cash Shop 3

Actually~ It’s the packages that matter and I love that they each can be to whichever class you are. What with the matt and watt bonus item in the packages.

Champions Cash Shop 3

If you have two unicorns summoned you gain access to the Bjorn unicorn mount.
If you have all three unicorns summoned you gain access to the Unicorn mount.
THE CATCH!? Gotta quest it, talk to Trainer Bartos in the Pet Park of Henesys.

Champions Cash Shop 3

Champions Cash Shop 4 [ccs4] ~ Running from September 25th to October 9th

Okies, now were at my favorite Cash Shop addition. This anvil is just the bees knees. Combine the stats of one item with the appearance of another and get the best of both items.
The Fusion Anvil works on Hats, Eye Accessories, Face Accessories, Tops, Bottoms, Overalls, Shoes, Gloves, Capes, Weapons, Shields and Kataras.

Champions Cash Shop 4

GET THIS! That alone isn’t even the best part of this anvil. It is nearly $3 to obtain and it works like a champ. WHY?
The item you put in the FUNCTION box will now have the appearance of the item in the APPEARANCE box, as well as a note at the bottom of its item description indicating it is a fused item. Fusion Anvil does not use up the APPEARANCE item.

Champions Cash Shop 4

Yes, that means you get to obtain the look of a different item and shove it onto an item you use purely for the effect. Which nine times out of ten look like ass, juss’ sayin’.
So… Fusion Anvil will NOT use up the appearance item, meaning you get to keep both items. Which is… THE SHIZNIT.

Champions Cash Shop 5 [ccs5] ~ Running from September 19th to October 2nd

Hohoho, last but not least. My least favorite but still mildly important item sale going on in the Cash Shop.
The Phantom NX Set.

Which is too many months behind, Phantom hype is still here. But I mean get real D:!
I wanted this set when it first came out, I was ready to spend $30 on it. BUT NOW– I don’t really play my Phantom anymore ]:
It’s like the Mercedes NX Set, I straight up– ALL MY ZENNIES FOR THE NX SET. I hit 104 and I’m like, ehh.
I was over the class real quick, so yeah.

IF YOU ARE STILL ON THE PHANTOM HYPE TRAIN, pick this NX set up because it is CHEAP & PERMANENT. Better deal than the Mercedes NX Set, hence the push. I may even still buy it, what am I saying. I love my Phantom, LOL! /hypocrite

Champions Cash Shop 5

Well, that’s all the Cash Shop Events going on right now that essentially are the one’s I care about x:
HAVE FUN <3 Hopefully the game comes online sooner than 5PM.


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