gMS v.118 Champions : Update Highlights

Published September 15, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

Champions aren’t made overnight. Only those willing to put in hours of hard work and dedicate themselves to becoming stronger can ever hope to claim the title. Six classes are about to do just that.

PvP is coming back… FINALLY! Getting Rewards and EXP. Probably to even the playing field for when Azwan gets a kick in the butt.

Extra Potential System, I’m a little caught with this one. It sounds like a great idea, but I’m kinda scared.

Fusions Anvil, HOLY HELL YES! Gonna cost a lot of money I’m sure.

Pet Dye Coupon, uhh yeah. I’ma love all the rainbow yeti’s.


1st Job Skills:
• Higher Damage
• Improved Growth
• Improved Lower level Hunting

Power Stance:
• Improved

4th Job Rush Skills:
• Improved for more EXP gain

Warrior Mobility and Offensive Skills:
• Improved


Damage Output:
• Increased

• Increased

Skill Cooldown:
• Lowered

• Now stacks with other M.A buffs


Damage Output:
• Increased

• Now a Passive skill

• Now a Passive skill


Damage Output:
• Increased

Attack Speed:
• Increased


Damage Output:
• Increased

Target Count:
• Increased

Demon Slayer:

Damage Output:
• Increased

Leech Aura:
• Skill cooldown has been lowered

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