gMS Champions Update

Published September 11, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

Holy Speedy Gonzales, Batman! Nexon is on a roll this year~ We’ve been getting updates pretty decently spaced! I for one was not expecting to see this revamp/update till at least the beginning of October.
WELL! Not only are we getting it pronto, all other revamps are coming in just as fast also with the return of… PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER! Are you excited because I’m pretty up there.

The video description is as follows;

The Champions Update marks the return of Legends character creation, along with revamps for Warriors, Magicians, Bowmen, Mercedes, Demon Slayer, and Cannoneer. PvP also returns with the new Grand Battles! However, there’s been a “change of direction” with the newest episode of MapleWorld World…

What this also means is… TEMPEST IS GETTING JUST AS CLOSE<3 /squeefangirlmoment
I am really looking forward to tempest, no joke! It's gonna be awesome~ That and Angelic Burster is getting more and more alluring the longer we wait to get her. I guess some would say the same for Kaiser, lol! But he's not as cuuttee ]:!!
Anyways, night all <3


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