gMS v.117 New Dawn : Update Highlights

Published August 24, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

September 5th is our release date for the newest class that will hit gMS!

New Dawn Update Logo

I’m more excited because this update brings us closer to all the other, (and better) updates that will be coming. I can fully say that I feel we will get the kMS summer update for Holiday 2012. Which is very awesome <3

gMS - Mihile

So this update highlight gives us the date of the update, and some more information on it. Not sure if it’s anymore info than we’ve had before.

Mihile is the Dawn Warrior Cygnus Instructor. He is gender locked and can reach level 200, unlike all other Cygnus classes.


6 comments on “gMS v.117 New Dawn : Update Highlights

      • Oh not to worry, you can just categorize everything into Explorers, Cygnus Knights, Legends, Resistance, and Novans.

        Wonder why Nexon never did that.
        Not like it’s difficult to make a page two on the character creation screen.

    • Thank you! To be completely honest unless she has appeared on kMS we will most likely not see her. If Mihile was kMS only I could have seen each version of Maplestory getting each of the Cygnus Instructors. Which in my view? Would have been pretty kick ass, haha~

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