gMS v115 Mutiny : Update on the Update! Patch tonight not tomorrow~

Published August 7, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

Mutiny Logo

So MapleStory went to Facebook and Twitter to let us in on the inside scoop of when the Mutiny Update is coming!

This means the Mutiny Update will update through the wee hours of the night PST so we can play early in the morning tomorrow<3
Why is this a surprise, Bewbs? Well all the other recent Updates we got, came on the day we thought we would all get to play the new content. This time it’s different~ Woohoo!

The only sad part to this post is that the Update Notes are not here yet, so we will get them closer to the Update time. We've got eleven hours till then, and I'm about to have some coffee<3
But for now I couldn't tell you everything that gMS will be getting because only Nexon knows.

PS: I swallowed a fly last night and I can’t shake this icky feeling yo.


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