gMS Mutiny Update announced!

Published August 3, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

I had labeled this Renegades! I’m so sorry I am braindead tonight. Thanks Lord SE for the heads up [8

Not exactly late, I’ve been working on getting all the skills noted and almost ready to go so that when gMS gives us the patch notes for this update I can get it up asap with out having to guess the changes based off kMS.

gMS Mutiny Update
MapleStory went to their facebook and posted this fun bit:
gMS Mutiny Update

Personally I wasn’t expecting the Dual Blade Revamp right now, but I will gladly take it~ This explains why they didn’t release the Pirate Revamp with the Thief Revamp. They were gonna fuse it with the Dual Blade Revamp and give a different set of events. Which is what I expected essentially. I expected the two not to be in the same update so that each class tier could be enjoyed separately. Especially with all the cool things that were going on event wise for the thief tier. So now comes the Pirates Dual Blades to enjoy their spoils without taking away the thunder from the thief update. Woohoo.

Next order of business.
General Hilla, heck yes!
She looks badass!

Monster Park!! Get’s a mini fix. I wont know more, or for sure if its happening till the patch notes are released and from there I’ll break it down for ya’ll~ [8


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