gMS v.115 Mutiny : Update Highlights

Published August 3, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

Woot, I just KNEW the update Highlights would be coming out today. The video came and I was like.. cmon cmon!!

gMS Mutiny Update Highlights

So the post shows the video that was posted earlier today. I’ll post it again in-case no one saw it x:

We’ve got Pirates!
Pirate Revamp

We’ve got Dual Blades!
Dual Blade Revamp

We’ve got Spiegelmann?…
Spiegelmann’s Strange Gallery
Spiegelmann’s Strange Gallery, yes!! The newest Theme Dungeon to hit gMS. You have to be level 50~120 to enter.

You basically accept quests from Spiegelmann, use the pictures to travel to where you need to go to finish said quests.
Every completion of a picture gets you a Jewelry Box containing a Spiegelmann’s Jewelry Strap. It is however temporary like the badges and mustache from Monster Park.

When you finish all the picture’s you get to go through the big covered one and finish this whole area. Just like in Chryse, that last part of fighting the boss is repeatable.
You go through and fight Framed Spiegelmann, for a chance at getting the belt or an envelope that contains scrolls.
Framed Spiegelmann

Renegades Event Continues!
What was being speculated as the end of the Renegades Event was wrong! It will be continuing which is wonderful news! I am very excited for this myself<3

Red Leaf High:
Wth is this and why do I want it right now!? This is such a weird feeling, lmao.
I am not sure what it is yet, but what are Update Notes for if not for more info? <3
Red Leaf High
Turns out this isn’t as gMS exclusive as I thought it was ]:
This event comes from tMS, catch the video below for a sneak peak. (Don’t be too sad, tMS has shared other cool things with us before [8.)

Lastly… Ergoth is making his comeback with the Stone of Virtue~ For the Knights of Virtue Event. NICE! I liked that event. Does this mean the Random Beauty Coupon Event will make it’s comeback as well? I doubt it but that would be amazing<3

Stone of Virtue - Ergoth


2 comments on “gMS v.115 Mutiny : Update Highlights

    • LMAO!! I know RIGHT?! I mean it took Nexon long enough D:~
      I am happy for it regardless, I’m just glad it’s coming out in a few days. To be completely honest because it was taking so long I thought Luminous would be January/February or later even. But because Dual Blade revamp and many other things are coming with this Update I can without a doubt expect to see Luminous for the Holidays here on gMS. Which is great, I love when Nexon America gets their ish together x:

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