gMS Mutiny – Official Video released +New MapleStory Advertisements!

Published August 3, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

gMS Mutiny Update

I want the patch notes pronto!!!

The video is showcasing the obvious parts of the Mutiny update. But it can’t just be Pirate and Dual Blade Revamp. There will probably be some small things that ae changed. But like always, just because kMS included other things with the updates they had. Doesn’t mean gMS will do the same.

Although we all wish gMS would ]:
Monster Park for me, right now? Suuucckkss. The initial change that was made is just hella barf worthy. I loved it before, the EXP was amazing and it took forever and you could do it however many times a day you wanted so long as you had the tickets. I have about 60 ready to go tickets sitting on my Mercedes that I wont use now because Monster Park just isn’t worth it now that Azwan is here.


Pirates /RICE!!!

The long awaited Pirate revamp is finally hheerreee, or about to be anyways.

Dual blades are just gliding or hovering across the map like honey badgers not giving any ducks about gravity. Whatever it is, it looks coolies.

Haha, also check out these new MapleStory advertisements. They are truly wtf worthy.



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