kMSt Angelic Burster – The Nova Race Pirate announced!

Published July 31, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

So I was skeptical about this class at first. I was thinking why is she so perky? Why is she so pink? Well there’s a lot more to little miss Burster than meets the eye.

Angelic Burster - Angelic Buster
I’m not positive yet if it is Angelic Burster or Angelic Buster. LOL! So many different names for her everywhere that I’ve looked.

Angelic Burster - Angelic Buster
She uses the Soul Shooter as her weapon and the Soul Ring as her secondary weapon. (Like this picture? I worked it up myself from all the update notices, tee-hee.)

This class is GENDER LOCKED! Weee and to female<3 Wee. I enjoy Gender locked classes, and in most games it's male only. So it's a refreshing thing to have a gender lock on a female class. I would have been fine with Kaiser being gender locked to male. That woulda been kick ass x:~

Here you have the two hairs and faces for Angelic Burster.
Angelic Burster - Angelic Buster Character Creation

We all knew from the concept art via Inkwell’s Diary that this class was going to be a Pirate. I feel reluctant to say Burster, because the weapon looks like something out of Megaman. Like a Buster, I will call this class Angelic Burster for now. Since in Korea that is how they are spelling it, judging by the character card above. But I think for gMS this class will be Angelic Buster.
Angelic Burster - Angelic Buster


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