Published July 26, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

Apology! I know I had a lack of posts and a lack of updates these past 2 weeks ish. I’ll be making an Azwan Update Note post just like I did for the other two patches. Only thing is this one will be extra late and you’ll have already known about the news I’m updating you with.

What happened, why did you disappear? I had a miscarriage, aka I lost my would-be baby. According to the Doctor I was 13 weeks along. According to me? I was only 7 weeks x:
They only say 13 because they are going by my LMP, not by actual Ovulation/Conception. Sorry for the TMI, just needed to get that out.

If this had happened to you I’m sure you would take 2 weeks off too x: A week to deal with it and a week to be all mopey and depressed. I’m still down, but this blog and MapleStory really cheer me up. Again, sorry for the TMI. I don’t need pity or anything, don’t feel obligated to feel anything about this news D:!
I just thought I would fill anyone in that might care as to why this blog got no content and if it had to do with me. Anyways, end of story, again I apologize for not being here to keep you informed!!


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