kMS announces their new Job: Kaiser!

Published July 10, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

Okay so before I get to the kMS announcement. I will post back here in a few days about Azwan and the unlock of it’s event page and to possibly show off how cute the Phantom Raven Hat is, oh and maybe some news of the Phantom NX set. IF! It comes, I hope it does~ So until then have this gif [8

Azwan Event Page Unlock

Woo, man. These things just keep on coming don’t they? It wasn’t till a few days ago that Tempest was announced and all the things for it started coming in and the talk of a new race was being rumored. Turns out it is a new race and there are more jobs to come from it, not just Kaiser.

Kaiser Job - Nova Race

Kaiser is a Dragon Protector of the Nova race. The kMS release for him is 07/26/12, nice!
Kaiser looks like he is half dragon x:.. Horns, tail, AND wings. I mean it’s kinda cray. Oh no, a dragon born. Skyrim, dundunDUN.

Kaiser Job - Nova Race - Shakar's character
I’m gonna go ahead and use Shakar96’s image of his Kaiser. I don’t play kMS but I will report news from it! <3

Kaiser uses a two-handed sword and also sports a secondary weapon. A Dragon's Soul, (FUS RO DAH!). It looks like the secondary weapon will work similar to the Jett secondary weapon but it would be hella awesome/beneficial if it works like the Demon Slayer secondary weapon. I’m sure plenty of people would prefer it work like Demon Slayer, although that is one of the things that makes a DS so unique.

Kaiser Job - Nova Race - Dragon's Soul

I dunno, it’s all in Korean and I’m not gonna steal info from everyone else. I will however report anything about any kMS released classes that come to gMS in full. That is however when said releases come. If you read my Luminous post it was just to announce it to anyone following me, since these classes are not in gMS yet. There is no point to fully disclosing things that have months before they grace us!

I will point out how adorable this class is. They are supposed to be bad ass yeah? Well they are cute, I just wanna snuggle them<3
Kaiser Job - Nova Race
I mean look at those horns! Coochie-coohie-coo~

Kaiser has a Morph Gauge! We saw how Luminous had a Light and Dark gauge, using too much of light makes dark overpower and you have to use the dark to fix it. Visa versa. Well it’s not exactly like that for Kaiser, but it is similar.

Kaiser Job - Nova Race - Morph Gauge

Reading into the gauge things tells me that the Morph Gauge will be beneficial at all times, but will be even more so past Third Job when filling said gauge allows use of certain skills. Kinda like the combo system for the Aran class.


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