gMS Phantom Renegades – Event Page for Phantom ~ NOW OPEN.

Published July 2, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

Hello everyone~ I know I’m a little late today, but no worries.

The Event Page just opened up the Phantom section, yay!
Phantom Renegades

I have been waiting for this to happen even though I have seen all there pretty much is to see about Phantom. He’s been on kMS for about 7 months now, give or take? So if you don’t know all about him yet you will now [8
Phantom has a video up right now, with some quite obvious showcasing.

He is a Hero class, so he needs to be glorified even if he isn’t the current ‘Hero of the Year’. I’m sure you’ve all heard about Luminous yes? Well he’s all the rage and gMS needs to take all the focus off the new Hero kMS just announced and get all the players enjoying the other Hero they haven’t gotten yet!

Aside from the video above, below you can see the release dates for all the other video’s to come. BUT I saw an image somewhere else that said a different date.
July 6, other image said July 5
July 6, other image said July 9
July 12, other image said July 11
Phantom Renegades

Communique from Black Wings to General Populace

A criminal and enemy of the state masquerading under the legendary pseudonym Phantom is on the loose. The Black Wings are officially extending a handsome reward for any information leading to the arrest and capture of this pretender. Phantom has been known to leave tokens behind at crime scenes, mocking the plight of his innocent victims. Phantom should be considered armed and dangerous -alert your nearest Black Wings officer immediately of any sighting.

What we know for sure, or for the most part. Is that Phantom is releasing on July 12th.
Phantom Release Date gMS
Give or take a day depending on what is gonna go on with Nexon, we saw that Jett got a delay by one day. For Phantom? That would still be totally worth it <3

There is an event still going on for players right now who are level 13 an higher, Mysterious Letter of Warning. I’m assuming till July 12th, but don’t hold me to that. Do the quest on all your characters if you like, I did it to all of mine just to see if I could get a nice potential. I kind of did, but you can’t fuse the cards. Maybe later? (Doubtful…]8 )
You can start it with Cassandra or click the Star on the middle left of your screen. Upon accepting the quest you get a Use item, Scented Secret Envelope. Make sure you have one slot, preferably two open in both the Use and Equip tab of you inventory before opening the letter. You don’t have to open the letter right now, but it is advised that you open it before it expires on 7/12/12 @ 9am. Inside are two items, Master Thief’s Letter and Carte Fantasmatique. The Use item is a buff for Magic and Weapon Attack +20 lasting for 30 minutes. The Equip item is a Hidden Potential level 30 Phantom Card.

I have 14 characters, and I got 13 of these cards from the event. From the 13, only 3 had a decent potential. LOL, the odds were very against me I guess. I should have had 14 cards, but I learned the hard way to have two slots open on both required tabs.

By the way, I’ve gotten the chance to play Jett and I got her to level 60. I’ll probably get her to level 70 for the alliance ring, but for the most part I don’t entirely enjoy the class all that much. The moves are a little too stale, I like a class that is swift and fast. Jett just doesn’t cut it for me, maybe Phantom will peak my fancy [;~

I know this isn’t much info on Phantom but I’ll get everything for him when the class is available on gMS.


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