gMS v.112 An Exotic Adventure Awaits : Update Highlights

Published June 22, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

Nexon just released the video showcasing all that is to come in the first patch of three for the Renegades patch of v.112.
Release: June 27th(?) 28th
Renegades Logo

Official Release of Patch to come v.112.
We are getting the Thief Class Revamp, 5 Part-Time Jobs, Character Card System, Level-Up Guide, Navigation System!
Something to take note of, this is the first part of three for the Renegades patch.
What comes next is the Thief Hero – Phantom, and Fight for Azwan.
I think the players of gMS will be VERY pleased with what they will be receiving from this three-part Renegades patch <3

#CONFIRMED by Girasol;
Answers revealed

Jett: Release: June 27th(?) 28th
Jett is a confirmed pirate, loaded with lasers and some really cool hi-tek stuff. Jett is now getting good reception. People complained that she was delaying all the other content for up to a month. But content wise, a month is well worth the wait. That means more time to make sure everything works, and there are minimal amount of bugs.
Jett 4 days away

Thief Revamp: Release: June 27th(?) 28th
Thieves are getting their revamp, where the pirate revamp is confirmed for later this year. Pirate players are upset but they have to live with knowing that it WILL come. Hold on snitches~

Part-Time Jobs: Release: June 27th(?) 28th
We get Part-Time jobs now! This was something many were looking forward too, and are all happy it has come~

Character Card System: Release: June 27th(?) 28th
Will now be joining us, I explained in an earlier post how it will work. But for now you get the simple version I will update in a second.
In the video above, you can see something else I thought should be noted. It wasn’t mentioned but.. Cmon? It is obviously there.
[Image courtesy of Orange Mushroom’s Blog, aka Max.]
Character Select Screen - Revamp

Level-Up Guide System: Release: June 27th(?) 28th
Something that MapleStory needed heavily, too many veterans stuck to their guns on the older spots to train. New comers don’t believe those methods work. SO NOW~ You can find out for yourselves without having to worry about if the spot you were given by a friend would work.

Navigation System: Release: June 27th(?) 28th
Once it was announced in kMS, the reception for it was amazing. Why wouldn’t it be? It is essential sometimes and we are all glad to have it here on gMS finally. (Announced and confirmed anyways, not here just yet~)

Neo City — NEO TOKYO?: Release: June 27th(?) 28th
Neo City will be receiving a revamp and boy are we super excited for that. It’s truly something a lot were like.. uhh hello??~~ WE NEED IT!! I mentioned Neo Tokyo before, but that is wishful thinking. Thank you anonymous for the tip.

Monster Park Revamp: Release: June 27th(?) 28th
Monster Park gets it’s change uh oh.. Not sure If I am happy with this change ]:~ It’s okay I just think it is being switched around level wise.

Level-Up Event: Release: June 27th(?) 28th
Nexon wants you to reap the wonderful awards of creating a new thief or Jett, and upon creating a new one of those classes (Including Night Walkers.) You will be getting rewards as you level up. Well worth it for those who were intending on creating Jett.

Renegades Festival!!! Running date: 6/27~7/25 6/28~8/7
(This is where I get my date of release. Why run an event before the patch comes?~)
Reminds me of the Legends Event kind of. If it is close to what the Legends event was like, you will be able to buy all kinds of stuff from the NPC they decide to use this time. Truly depends though, I’m hoping we get a nice choice of scrolls. That would be perfect~

Guess who’s back? Back again~
ARTIFACT HUNT F5!!~ Release: June 27th(?) 28th
Except it is different than the last time I played it, I played it forever ago. So I can’t give you exact details. I will post again when all of this activates on gMS. See ya soon June 27th 28th~ YOU HAVE MY WORK CUT OUT FOR ME.

Official Update Highlights: An Exotic Adventure Awaits (Image is too long)


8 comments on “gMS v.112 An Exotic Adventure Awaits : Update Highlights

    • I can understand that, but if we want to get technical Thieves were a class before Pirates~~ LOL. They both need the revamp, I would have preferred both at the same time, but I think gMS is trying to keep people on their feet. So that they can expect updates to come, not get them all at once you know?

  • you do realize that jett is the revamp pirates and pirates are staying original, pirates dont need to get completely screwed over in its original content just because it has the appearance to first generation maple

    • Jett has a mesh of different skills that come from a lot of different classes. Not just pirates, but the same could be said for any skills on any class. Many look very similar. I rest easy knowing that the Revamp will come. Nexon gave confirmation of it, if they do decide to back out on their word. The players will not be happy and what we saw when they confirmed the pirate revamp for later will be nothing compared to what they’ll get if it never comes x:
      BUT! They won’t do that, all Explorer classes need to be great! Why short stick Pirates? If Pirates and Thieves alike need a revamp, they both will get one.

      If the Summer ends with no Pirate Revamp I’ll be very disappointed, not so much angry because I don’t main a pirate. But upset because many friends of mine DO main a pirate and have all stated they will quit if Summer comes to an end and a Revamp for Pirates was not given.

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