My First Post! gMS Renegades~ Jett, Phantom, Fight for Azwan. [Moved from my other blog]

Published June 21, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

Yay first post, glad to be starting the kick off with info on the beginning of the Justice patch on gMS. I know I have some stuff from kMS but since this patch hasn’t hit gMS just yet, we have literally nothing known unless we look at kMS. We all know gMS likes to keep it simple and usually just translates a kMS patch and calls it a day. But because that is hearsay I won’t say that everything in the kMS Justice patch will be in the gMS patch, because that isn’t known yet.
Since this post contains all there is to know for what may be coming to gMS, I will be posting again when gMS releases the patch info. Thanks in advance, and follow me!

So here is a look into Jett, the gMS exclusive class set to release around June 27th. You can visit the Event Page, for more information but I will link the newest videos below.
Event Page - Jett Unlocked

The next video is set to come out June 22nd, close but not close enough. Personal speculation is that it will be a class audition video like Cannoneer, Mercedes, and Demon Slayer had earlier this year. They had these same class auditions back when Big Bang was going down as well. So personally I think it might be a theme Nexon will keep, because a lot of people really like to watch those videos.
Everyone is ITCHING for some game-play showcasing of course~ The class auditions have some minor 3 second showcasing which is why so many players do NOT want that video. But it could be skipped for Jett… After all it is a gMS exclusive class, if it was a trade me down from kMS everyone would already know what the class is and the class audition videos would be more comical than informative. (Assuming they were meant to be informative?)
We are about 4~6 months BEHIND kMS for those out of the loop and I think playing it different for Jett might be what gMS could do 0:

Jett ~ gMS Exclusive Class – Release: Jun 27th(?)
New image for Jett!
Jett - Wanted Poster

Before I say anything about anything, all that is known about Jett is that SHE. Might use a gun, might shoot lasers from it, and should be a Pirate.

Why else land in Nautilus if not to be a pirate class? Evan didn’t find a dragon to not tell it what to do and use magic, Demon Slayer wasn’t a vampire to use skills that dealt with light and happiness, and Dual Blades weren’t gonna be super slow they have two weapons lmao.
Bringing me to the conclusion of the class being a Space Pirate. LOL, that is all a rumor btw. (Poking fun at the fact that we still dunno what she is! If Jett is in fact a male… They really mislead us with those teaser videos D:)

Today on the Renegades event page for Jett reads D-09, in 20 minutes it will read D-08. Obviously it is a countdown, to what we are all assuming is the launch date of the class. But it could also just be the launch of the video and we get the class the same time as Phantom… Which is horribly unlikely haha. Phantom’s Event page is locked until 7/02, they wouldn’t string players along for a whole month or two like that… We hope? x:
event page

Citizens of Maple World:
This is a reminder that the search continues for the dangerous outlaw named Jett. The suspect was last sighted on your planet. This rogue is considered extremely dangerous. Do not attempt to approach or apprehend Jett on your own. Contact the Cerberust Rapid Reaction Force to have one of our Brute Squads dispatched to your area immediately.
– Cerberus Rapid Reaction Force HQ

[Will update with video 4. 6/27/12]

Phantom ~ Thief Hero Class – Release: Unknown(update via 7/02)
Locked - Phantom
(Hurry unlock!!)

Ahh, Phantom~ Our saucy, loot hungry, heart breaking, Bieber of maple, eye candy, Casanova of MapleStory!

Phantom is a Hero/Legendary Class, wields a Cane and a Card. If you have ever played Ragnarok Online, Phantom’s skill stealing works like a Rogue/Stalker/Shadow Chaser. (The part where you steal other classes’ skills.) Except in Maple you have 4 slots for first and second job, 3 for third job, and 2 for fourth job. In RO you have a different system, ahem.
If you have a husband who is way into comics, you will soon find out that Gambit and Phantom are very much alike. Except Gambit uses his cards as throwing stars more so than Phantom does. (They say Gambit wields a metal staff but he uses it like a tricked out cane, lmao!)
Marvel's X-men Gambit

Anyways, all I know is that when Aran came out I was like… Okay cool. Then Evan and I’m like… Okay so now where’s the Thief Hero!? Glad to say it is FINALLY looming super super close and many a players are very excited to play the class.
Then there are those who say it will make all the other classes not needed. That makes me LOL very hard. I have played plenty of games where there are thieves that have skill stealing and it didn’t make people want that class anymore than the class they wanted in the first place. So they can steal a skill or two, get over it. Phantom is a Hero Class after all, what’s a new element that MapleStory hasn’t had yet? Skill Stealing.
Seeing as how I am a thief class in my bones, I will definitely have a Phantom. But not because I never liked thieves but now I do because they can steal skills :x

Now because you steal skills you could either always have a cane doing a skill that doesn’t call for a cane. OR~ You can have a… Summoned Glowy Weapon!
~Thanks to shakar96

Phantom gets a nifty car mount, for kMS it was one @ Level 100 and then @ Level 200.
Phantom Mount

I really idolize shakar96 so if you need a build for Phantom, follow his guide. That entry has all there is to know about Phantom, keep in mind that it is from kMS. Just don’t forget about me~<3

Fight for Azwan ~ Justice Patch – Release: Unknown(update via 7/16)
Azwan - Locked

This update is just *_*
Anyone who knows about it is waiting for it, even more so than they are for the Jett and Phantom classes. This update has so many features and it couldn’t be here any faster.

Since it was in kMS first here is what the Justice Patch on kMS was all about;
New Character select screen.

You can view up to 8 characters.

New Character Card system. [Character Deck]

Each character in your account/server has a card. The cards can be combined into a pack of 3 cards, and all the characters whose cards are in the pack can benefit from the special buffs they receive. There are different buffs you can get, depending on who is in the deck pack. It also depends on the rank and how many of the same rank in the deck pack:

B – Level 30~ 69
A – Level 70~119
S – Level 120 ~ 199
SS – Level 200.

Level 1 = B
Level 2 = A
Level 3 = S
Level 4 = SS
~Thank you

Part Time Job system added.

Getting bonuses for staying offline, the longer the better. Aim for about six hours.
Up to 3 characters can be ‘working’.
Tiers of working and what you can receive;
Relax – Various buffs “Including EXP Buffs”
Herbalism – You can get Herbs or Recipes. If your Herbalism Level is 10 you get better rewards.
Mining – You can get Ores or Recipes. If your Mining is level 10 you get better rewards.
Merchant – You can get Potions or Scrolls.
Weapon &amp; Armour Shop – Equips or Drop Rate Buff.
~Thank you


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  • lol so many pictures *_* (lol new comment posting on old blog post)
    And BTW its Azwan in GMS since its proper english
    Aswan (in english pronunciation) = @sswan lol
    Just saying >_>

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