MapleStory Renegades – Jett ~Class showcase video revealed! [Real]

Published June 21, 2012 by Mitsunebewbs

MMORPG got the scoop on the release of Jett!

I am liking what I see here~ Versatile Alien Gun, Lasers, SHOOP DA WHOOP!

I am hoping with Jett comes the Pirate/Thief revamp, it is very long over due x:

Video comments are very negative… The worst part of this reveal is it not being liked by players, for fear that pirates/thieves will not get their revamps. That is a scary scary thought. I for one would trade a new class for a revamp of old classes any day. But that is just me x:
People will talk regardless and nothing is certain unless Nexon releases word stating otherwise.

Jett Reveal - MMORPG
Jett Reveal - MMORPG
Jett Reveal - MMORPG
Jett Reveal - MMORPG
What is being showcased in the video is a female character, who is from another planet on the run who lands in Nautilus and it seems it might have been because of that odd magician we see for a hot second. Looks like a Male Mage named Burke~ Thinking he made her leave or sent her away? Who what when why? Were gonna have to wait and play her exclusive story line of course [:

She uses a gun that shoots lasers, but it transforms into a gatling and what looks to be a rapid fire. I’m sure that is the skills doing it. Not a as you reach xx level thing. (Laser, man I so called it.)
It feels like she has access to everything we loved during the Un-welcomed Alien’s event. If anyone remembers it? It was pretty fun and all the high tech weaponry was pretty nice. Minus the fact that it was all aimed against you, with Jett it looks like you get to use it!!

Before I end this post I need to thank Nexon, preferably the branch that works with MapleStory.
They put up with a lot of crap from the MapleStory community. The forums have players just TRASHING everything that you do and it sucks. I applaud how professional you are when it comes to dealing with people, even if it means not dealing with them. That shows a lot of restraint.
Like I said in one of my posts on the MapleStory forums; (Find me, my forum name is Mistune.)

See a delay is better than getting nothing at all.
That is the difference between not getting a smoothie at all and getting a smoothie later. Players really just need to chill out and stop being so dramatical x:

I could understand quitting if we weren’t getting any content at all, but the fact of it all is that content is coming. Throwing a fit and quitting now is like when mom or dad say no you can’t have this new toy wait for your birthday and you start stomping your feet and throwing a tantrum trying to get your way.
Did throwing the fit ever get the new toy? (If the answer is yes, your parents need/needed to slap you more.)

Well, Catch ya tomorrow with more news on the June 22nd reveal of MapleStory Renegades – Jett~


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